盖瑞斯·索斯盖特(Gareth Southgate)说,杰克·格里利什(Jack Grealish)不会被英格兰的炒作迷住

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Jack Grealish will be able to handle the increased expectations his exciting performances for England have placed upon him, believes Gareth Southgate

盖瑞斯·索斯盖特(Gareth Southgate)认为,杰克·格雷利什(Jack Grealish)将能够应付他对英格兰的激动人心的表演对他的更高期望。

The 25-year-old has played just four times for his country, but his man-of-the-match display in the 3-0 win over the Republic of Ireland last week - as well as his strong showing, even in defeat, in Belgium three days later - have done nothing to dampen comparisons between him and one of England"s best-ever creative midfielders, Paul Gascoigne

这位25岁的球员仅为他的国家效力过四次,但是他的个人比赛表现是上周以3-0击败爱尔兰共和国-以及他的出色表现,即使是在失败中,三天后在比利时-没有采取任何行动削弱他与英格兰有史以来最好的创意中场之一保罗·加斯科因(Paul Gascoigne)之间的比较

Grealish has also performed impressively with Aston Villa this season - recording five goals and six assists in eight games - which has helped the club climb to sixth place in the Premier League

Grealish在本赛季与Aston Villa的比赛中也表现出色-在八场比赛中记录了五粒进球和六次助攻-这帮助俱乐部攀升至英超联赛第六名

Southgate is not concerned about how Grealish will cope with the added weight on his shoulders, though, saying: "We"re going to succeed or fail as a team and it"s for everybody to contribute


"One of the things we tried to ensure, right the way through the last four years, is that it"s collective expectation


We couldn"t put all the pressure on Harry Kane, Raheem (Sterling), other players we"ve got to make sure that"s the same with Jack


England"s entire year without fab fourBen Chilwell trains as all England players test negativeDownload the Scores App: Apple|AndroidThe UK"s No 1 scores app: Find out more "He"s had a super start to his international career

英格兰整年没有四工厂,本·奇威尔(Ben Chilwell)训练,因为所有英格兰球员的测试结果均为负。下载成绩应用:苹果|安卓

I think he"ll be able to handle the attention because he"s a player that thrives under that pressure


He"s got great courage with the ball, so I don"t think that will faze him


"But equally, it"s going to be the squad that brings us success as a collective." Southgate defends system Belgium lossEngland host Iceland in their final Nations League game on Wednesday night - live on Main Event from 7pm - and will be looking to bounce back from their disappointing loss in Belgium on Sunday


Despite another strong performance from Grealish, much of the reaction to England"s defeat centred on Southgate"s continued use of a three-man defence and whether it helps bring the best out of the team"s attacking players


Some have suggested Southgate should revert to a four-man defence - such as the one that was used in one of his greatest victories as England manager, when they beat Spain 3-2 in Seville two years ago - but he has defended his tactical decisions


He said: "I think we were very exciting to watch versus Ireland


冠军篮球经理I think we were very exciting to watch against Belgium


Our job is to analyse games during and after and we look at the data


"That"s [away to Belgium] as good a performance as we"ve had against any of the big nations


The interesting thing is that there"s a perception we didn"t start the game well - in the first half-an-hour, we had more attempts on goal than Belgium


"Once they were ahead, maybe they sat back a bit, but I think that"s partly because we pressed so well and they couldn"t get out


"That performance was in contract to Spain, which everybody"s talking about - that was our worst performance statistically


"There were other things we did brilliantly that night - we played with great endeavour and we counter-attacked very well


But the perception of that game is not reality


"If you perform to those levels every week, you"ll lose games


If you perform to the levels we did against Belgium, we"ll win games." Our England Euros XIs - now pick yours!With England"s hopes of qualifying from their Nations League group over, attention now turns to next summer"s Euro 2020 tournament and who makes it into Southgate"s best XI


Our team of writers have picked their strongest England sides for the competition


Does Rashford start? Is it a five-man or four-man defence? And where can Southgate squeeze Grealish in? See who they"ve chosen and why here, then use our team selector to pick your best England XI

拉什福德会开始吗?是五人防守还是四人防守? Southgate可以在哪里挤Grealish?在这里查看他们的选择者和原因,然后使用我们的团队选择器选择最佳的英格兰XI


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