杰克·格雷里什(Jack Grealish)津津乐道的英格兰机会-和保罗·加斯科因(Paul Gascoigne)比较

时间:2020-12-12 10:59:08

Jack Grealish says he is thriving on the comparisons being made between him and one of England"s most audacious playmakers, Paul Gascoigne

杰克·格雷里什(Jack Grealish)表示,他正在与英国最勇敢的组织者之一保罗·加斯科因(Paul Gascoigne)进行比较

The Aston Villa captain was among a host of star performers on his third consecutive England start as Gareth Southgate"s team signed off a testing year of international football with a comprehensive 4-0 Nations League victory over Iceland at Wembley

阿斯顿维拉队长是加里斯·索斯盖特(Gareth Southgate)的球队在温布利全面击败冰岛以4-0击败国家联盟的比赛而签下国际足球测试年的情况下,连续第三次入选英格兰,成为众多明星表演者中的一员。

Grealish was asked by reporters after another impressive display about comparisons to Gazza and the 25-year-old welcomed the praise, vowing to continue to entertain with his performances


"I thrive off those kind of comparisons [to Gascoigne]," Grealish told reporters after England concluded their Nations League campaign on Wednesday night


Download the Scores App: Apple | AndroidThe UK"s No 1 scores app: Find out more"I love the way he played football with all the freedom and all the joy..

下载Scores应用程序:Apple | AndroidThe UK排名第一的应用程序:了解更多信息“我喜欢他自由自在,充满欢乐的踢足球方式。

I want to entertain people but I always want to be effective on the pitch like Gazza was too." Grealish burst onto the scene in the Premier League early in his career, but has had to bide his time for sustained international exposure

我想娱乐人们,但我总是想像Gazza一样在球场上发挥作用。” Grealish在职业生涯初期就曾在英超联赛中崭露头角,但他不得不争取时间来保持持续的国际知名度

Having faced media scrutiny after a number of late-night incidents in recent years, Grealish says he has matured and can handle the pressure that comes with his new-found England profile


England 4-0 Iceland - Match report 18 p/m"I think I"m now old enough and wise enough to handle that [pressure] now," he said

英格兰4-0冰岛-比赛报告18 p / m“他说我现在已经老了,很聪明,现在可以应对这种压力。”

"As you get older, you learn you are a hero to a lot of people and you are a role model金蛋网


金蛋网I"ve got to take it in my stride, and I"m just loving my life." Grealish"s seamless start to England life has given manager Southgate a selection headache as preparations for next summer"s European Championships draw into focus


But, speaking to after the game, Southgate insisted it was the kind of dilemma managers can only dream of as he looks to steer the next generation of English talent to glory


"The reality is that a lot of the squad we"ve had over the last three months are going to peak in three to five years" time, that"s when they will have a lot of caps, a lot of experience internationally and more club experience," the England boss said


"We think it"s worth investing the time in them and they are learning a lot from some very good senior professionals


"We are trying to build and improve all the time, and there was some lovely football that was good to watch and, of course, for the young ones to get the goals, it was special for them


"Right from the back the play was built so well, we moved it crisply and took up good positions, and the movement of Phil (Foden), Jack (Grealish) and Harry (Kane) was excellent."



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