德莱·阿利(Dele Alli):热刺的攻击者能否在穆里尼奥的计划中夺回自己的位置?

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Jose Mourinho has described his Tottenham squad as a puzzle - but where does Dele Alli fit in? The 24-year-old was hooked off at half-time during the poor defeat to Everton on the opening weekend, and has been absent from the Spurs squad entirely for the subsequent wins over Lokomotiv Plovdiv and Southampton

何塞·穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)将他的热刺阵容描述为一个难题-但是,德莱·阿里(Dele Alli)适合哪方面?这位24岁的小将在开幕周末的惨败中输给了埃弗顿,在半场比赛中被解雇,并且由于随后击败洛科莫夫·普罗夫迪夫和南安普敦而完全缺席了马刺队

Following Sunday"s 5-2 victory on the south coast - and amid reports a number of clubs, including Champions League finalists Paris Saint-Germain, are interested in signing Alli in this transfer window - Mourinho pointed out he wants a balanced squad and that Alli is just one of a number of attacking options he has


Dele Alli"s Spurs future in doubt with PSG interestedTransfer Centre LIVE!Find out more about Gareth Bale"s headline-grabbing arrival on loan from Real Madrid has further strengthened Mourinho"s resources in that department and while the manager says he is still looking for another striker, Bale is likely to form a first-choice front-three with Heung-Min Son and Harry Kane, the stars of that win at Southampton

Dele Alli对马刺的未来充满了怀疑,对PSG感兴趣的是Transfer Center LIVE!可能会与香敏善(Heung-Min Son)和哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)组成首选三人,后者在南安普敦(Southampton)夺冠

There is then Erik Lamela, Lucas Moura and Steven Bergwijn - all players Mourinho has praised in the past - vying for attacking roles, as well as Alli

然后是埃里克·拉梅拉(Erik Lamela),卢卡斯·莫拉(Lucas Moura)和史蒂芬·伯格维恩(Steven Bergwijn)-穆里尼奥过去曾赞扬过的所有球员-争夺进攻角色,以及阿里(Alli)

Further back down the pitch, Giovanni Lo Celso and Gedson Fernandes - who will also act as cover at right-back - come into the reckoning, too

再往后退,乔凡尼·洛·塞尔索(Giovanni Lo Celso)和格德森·费尔南德斯(Gedson Fernandes)(也将在右后卫担任掩护)也参与了计算

When Mourinho was asked on Sunday whether Alli could be in that "balanced squad" he is trying to create, he said he could and doesn"t need to be sacrificed


But clearly, despite the rotation required to manage Tottenham"s intense schedule - and it is particularly brutal right now - there will be players mentioned above who will have to make way for Mourinho"s preferred choices


After Alli"s recent omissions and within the context of the recent documentary about Spurs last season, in which the player was critical of the team"s tactics and Mourinho described him as "lazy" in training, it is clear he has work to do to move back up the pecking order


It"s all a far cry from just two and a half years ago when former boss Mauricio Pochettino was describing Alli as the best 21-year-old in the world

这与两年半前前老板毛里西奥·波切蒂诺(Mauricio Pochettino)将艾莉形容为世界上21岁最佳球员相去甚远

Those comments came after Alli had ended a 16-match goal drought with a strike against Bournemouth


Pochettino had been perplexed by the criticism Alli had been receiving and put his performances in context of his age


At that point, no player under the age of 22 had recorded more goals and assists since Alli"s Premier League debut across Europe"s top five leagues


Alli"s brilliance in his first seasons at Spurs raised the bar and, even now, his output is held up and compared with those incredible early figures冠博


Signed from MK Dons as an 18-year-old, Alli scored 28 goals and recorded 16 assists across his first two seasons

在18岁那年就从MK Dons签下,Alli在前两个赛季共攻入28球,并录入16次助攻

Huge numbers for a teenager in the Premier League


The following season, he added nine more goals and 10 assists


With Pochettino"s praise in his ears, he headed to the World Cup with England and scored in the quarter-finals for Gareth Southgate"s side


冠博 Mourinho, in charge at Manchester United at the time, has since revealed Sir Alex Ferguson encouraged him to bring Alli to Old Trafford, such was the excitement about his potential


But the drop-off is inescapable


There were just 13 goals and seven assists in the next two Premier League seasons, and Alli is no longer in the England squad, let alone a fixture of the first XI as he was at the World Cup


The bounce in his form when Mourinho first came in - four goals and three assists in the first five games - didn"t last and seems a long time ago now冠博


Alli doesn"t turn 25 until April冠博


He"s still young and has time on his side to get back on track


But the key question is how will he respond to this challenge? And, intriguingly, where? Tottenham are adamant Alli isn"t for sale and won"t be going out on loan


If that proves to be the case - and there would be few clubs in this current climate able to afford the transfer fee to free him from his contract which runs to 2024 - then he must convince Mourinho he can contribute consistently and in the manner the manager wants his players to perform


Leyton Orient away in the Carabao Cup on Tuesday night could be his first step back into the fold - if it goes ahead

莱顿·东方(Leyton Orient)在星期二晚上参加卡拉宝杯(Carabao Cup)可能是他重返赛场的第一步-如果继续进行下去

It isn"t the most glamorous tie but it could be crucial for Alli


But with Bale"s return raising expectations and ambitions in north London, Alli needs to recapture those levels of performance which had Pochettino purring just a couple of years ago


He must prove he deserves his place in the puzzle


Analysis: What do the stats say about Dele?" Data Editor Adam Smith: Dele Alli was the poster boy of England"s new generation only a few years ago, but his form has been in decline for several seasons now - hindered by several injuries

分析:有关Dele的统计数据怎么说?数据编辑亚当·斯密(Adam Smith):德莱·阿里(Dele Alli)几年前才是英格兰新生代的代言人,但他的身材已经好几个赛季下降了-受了几次伤病的困扰

Looking at his averages, to factor diminished minutes over the past two campaigns, his goalscoring ratio last season was his highest since 2016/17 - boosted by a purple patch when Mourinho took charge


If you scroll through the per-90 stats in the interactive graphic below, the only notable statistical dips are in chances created and assists


This coincides with Harry Kane"s declining attempts at goal

这恰好与哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)射门得分的下降

So it"s a chicken or egg debate here


Despite the goal-packed 5-2 win at Southampton on Sunday, Spurs" returns for goals and creating chances as a team have been dropping in three successive seasons now - with the latter mirroring Alli"s downward trajectory


Primarily deployed as the central attacking midfielder in a 4-2-3-1, Pochettino experimented playing Alli in deeper roles during 2018/19 - which would have contributed to creating fewer chances


The heatmaps below reveal Alli continued to get involved more defensively last season - even though he played almost exclusively along the attacking line - suggesting he may have been required to track back more by Mourinho


Alli combined with left-back Ben Davies frequently during his productive 2017/18 campaign, but the Wales international has been used in a more conservative role in recent seasons

阿里在2017/18赛季富有成效的竞选中经常与左后卫本·戴维斯(Ben Davies)合并,但威尔士国际队在最近几个赛季中的作用更为保守

Without the advanced full-back, Alli has increasingly looked to pass infield or back to his centre-back


Indeed, Alli may have benefited from playing alongside new attacking full-back recruit Sergio Reguilon

确实,Alli可能受益于与新的进攻型后卫新秀Sergio Reguilon一起比赛

The passing direction sonars below underline how Alli used the left channel with greater effect three years ago, albeit with far less frequency than passing infield - but those runs also provided effective decoys to free up space elsewhere


Last season, Alli attempted far more passes directly upfield with less accuracy and barely used the left channel at all - in addition to playing a higher proportion of backward passes


Mourinho appears to be pressing the reset button on Alli and plans to instil a determination to maintain consistent form levels, on par with his peak early years and his flourish late last year


Alternatively a loan move could reinvigorate England"s former golden boy and Tottenham could be a more balanced side upon his return - once Mourinho has finished rearranging the jigsaw pieces



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