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Maxime Biamou"s late goal denied Sky Bet Championship leaders Norwich victory against Coventry

马克西姆·比亚莫(Maxime Biamou)的后期进球否定了Sky Bet冠军头衔的诺里奇对阵考文垂

Mario Vrancic appeared to have Daniel Farke"s Canaries on course for victory in the 27th minute, scoring from the penalty spot after goalkeeper Ben Wilson had been penalised for fouling Przemyslaw Placheta

马里奥·弗朗西奇(Mario Vrancic)似乎在第27分钟内赢得了丹尼尔·法尔克(Daniel Farke)的金丝雀(Canaries)的胜利,这是在门将本·威尔逊(Ben Wilson)因犯规Przemyslaw Placheta被罚球后从点球得分

However, Biamou"s 89th-minute goal from close range earned the Sky Blues a 1-1 draw


Championship reports and resultsChampionship tableChampionship highlightsBournemouth, also targeting a return to the Premier League at the first attempt, missed out on the chance to take over at the top as they were held 2-2 at Rotherham


Junior Stanislas" 20th-minute penalty had the visitors ahead, but Freddie Ladapo"s double turned things around, only for Dominic Solanke - fouled for the earlier penalty - to equalise in the 63rd minute

少年斯坦尼斯拉斯在第20分钟的罚球让观众遥遥领先,但房地美(Freddie Ladapo)的双重转机,只为多米尼克·索兰克(犯规更早的罚球)-在第63分钟扳平比分

Watford, the third team to fall out of the top tier last season, capitalised with a 4-1 win over Preston which lifted them up to third


Domingos Quina converted Jeremy Ngakia"s cross in the ninth minute, then Troy Deeney doubled the advantage from the spot within seven minutes of the restart

多明戈斯·奎纳(Domingos Quina)在第9分钟内将杰里米·恩加基亚(Jeremy Ngakia)的十字架换了位,然后特洛伊·迪尼(Troy Deeney)在重新启动后的7分钟内将现场优势加倍

The visitors were back in the game within three minutes with a deflected shot from outside the area from Tom Barkhuizen but Nathaniel Chalobah (58) and Joao Pedro (74) ended the visitors" hopes

访客在三分钟之内回到比赛中,从汤姆·巴克赫伊森(Tom Barkhuizen)射门到场外时被偏转,但纳撒尼尔(Nathaniel Chalobah)(58)和乔奥·佩德罗(Joao Pedro)(74)结束了访客的希望

Reading ended their five-match run without a victory, beating Bristol City 3-1 in the early kick-off at Madejski Stadium


诺基亚智能手机游戏Ovie Ejaria broke the deadlock nine minutes after the break but substitute Nahki Wells levelled for City in the 73rd minute

诺基亚智能手机游戏休息后九分钟,奥维·埃哈里亚(Ovie Ejaria)打破了僵局,但在第73分钟,替补纳奇·威尔斯(Nahki Wells)升级为曼城

However, Yakou Meite restored the home side"s advantage three minutes later following a good ball by Ejaria, then Meite set up Lucas Joao for the fourth-placed Royals" third goal in added time

然而,三分钟后,雅科·梅特(Yakou Meite)在埃亚里亚(Ejaria)的一记好球后恢复了本垒打的优势,然后梅特(Meite)设置卢卡斯·乔奥(Lucas Joao),以加时赛排名第四的皇家队的第三个进球

Middlesbrough slipped up, going down 3-2 to Huddersfield in West Yorkshire


Marvin Johnson"s low shot gave the visitors a 14th-minute lead but Carel Eiting levelled eight minutes before the interval and Fraizer Campbell netted just before the break with a scuffed shot after good work by Lewis O"Brien诺基亚智能手机游戏

马文·约翰逊(Marvin Johnson)的低射给观众带来了第14分钟的领先优势,但卡雷尔·埃廷(Carel Eiting)在比赛间隔前八分钟扳平了比分,而弗雷泽·坎贝尔(Fraizer Campbell)在刘易斯·奥布赖恩(Lewis O"Brien)的出色工作后稍稍被击中了净身诺基亚智能手机游戏

Britt Assombalonga appeared to have earned Boro a point, blasting in an 83rd-minute penalty after he had been fouled - but Josh Koroma"s 85th-minute goal won it for the hosts

Britt Assombalonga似乎赢得了Boro的积分,在他犯规后第83分钟被罚出场-但Josh Koroma的第85分钟进球为东道主赢得了胜利

Bottom-club Derby"s troubles continued as Matt Bloomfield"s close-range 81st-minute goal earned fellow strugglers Wycombe a point诺基亚智能手机游戏

马特·布鲁姆菲尔德(Matt Bloomfield)的近距离第81分钟进球为挣扎的同胞维科姆(Wycombe)赢得了一点,因此底层俱乐部德比的麻烦继续诺基亚智能手机游戏

Duane Holmes" 36th-minute opener had earlier given the Rams - with Wayne Rooney at the helm on his own for the first time - the lead

杜安·霍尔姆斯(Duane Holmes)的第36分钟揭幕战早些时候给予了公羊队-韦恩·鲁尼(Wayne Rooney)首次独自掌舵-领先

Cardiff beat Luton 4-0


Sean Morrison and Mark Harris had the hosts two up inside 10 minutes, before Kieffer Moore (59) and Sheyi Ojo (82) rounded off a convincing home win

肖恩·莫里森(Sean Morrison)和马克·哈里斯(Mark Harris)在10分钟内让主持人两场比赛结束,随后基弗·摩尔(59岁)和谢伊·奥乔(82岁)取得令人信服的主场胜利

Adam Armstrong and Sam Gallagher scored in each half as Blackburn edged Barnsley 2-1, with Romal Palmer netting late on for the visitors

亚当·阿姆斯特朗(Adam Armstrong)和山姆·加拉格尔(Sam Gallagher)在布莱克本(Blackburn)2-1击败巴恩斯利(Barnsley)的比赛中各得一半,罗玛尔·帕尔默(Romal Palmer)为访客净胜

Tony Pulis" Sheffield Wednesday played out a goalless draw against his former team Stoke respectively at Hillsborough, while Birmingham and Millwall also finished 0-0

托尼·普利斯(Tony Pulis)的谢菲尔德(Sheffield)周三分别在希尔斯伯勒(Hillsborough)对阵他的前队斯托克(Stoke),对他们进行了一场毫无目的的抽签,而伯明翰和米尔沃尔(Millwall)也以0-0结束


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