哈里·温克斯(Harry Winks),德莱·阿利(Dele Alli):穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)捍卫热刺对,因为他们早早离开了安特卫普(Antwerp)夺冠

时间:2020-12-12 11:04:38

Jose Mourinho defended Harry Winks and Dele Alli despite the pair"s early exit down the tunnel during Spurs" 2-0 win over Antwerp实况足球13评测

尽管穆里尼奥在马刺2-0击败安特卫普期间早早退出隧道,但何塞·穆里尼奥仍然捍卫了哈里·温克斯和德莱·阿利。 实况足球13评测

Winks disappeared back to the home dressing room after being substituted moments after Spurs" 55th-minute opener against Antwerp, while Alli, an unused substitute, briefly departed down the tunnel before returning several minutes later towards the end of the game实况足球13评测

在马刺第55分钟对安特卫普的揭幕战之后,眨眼被替换后,眨眼消失在家庭更衣室,而未使用的替补球员Alli短暂离开了隧道,几分钟后又回到比赛结束。 实况足球13评测

The pair have started just four of Spurs" 11 league games between them this season, but Mourinho said both had his blessing to leave the stands early on a cold night in north London


"I told [Winks] to go," he said


"I told every player that left the pitch to go, when the weather is cold, I prefer the players to go to the dressing room and have a shower and be warm and safe


Tottenham 2-0 Antwerp - Report and ratingsHow the teams lined up | Match statsEuropa League tables | Results | Last-32 draw details"I told them all to go, some preferred to stay, even being cold, and still participate in the game from the bench

托特纳姆热刺2-0安特卫普-报告和评分 比赛统计数据 结果 Last-32抽签详细信息“我告诉他们所有人,有些人喜欢留下,甚至很冷,仍然在替补席上参加比赛

Winks decided to go, I"m happy with that because I"m the one who told him to do it." On Alli, he added: "Let"s not run away from the reality, a player on the bench who realises with five changes he is not one of them, of course he is not a happy player and I wouldn"t expect him to be

Winks决定离开,我对此感到满意,因为我是告诉他做到这一点的人。”在Alli上,他补充说:“让我们远离现实,让替补席上的球员通过五次改变来实现 他不是他们中的一员,当然他不是一个快乐的球员,我不希望他会成为

实况足球13评测"But every player who is on the bench, or leaves the pitch in cold weather with me, they can go to the dressing room and I even prefer if that happened." "No problem at all" over Son, Kane inclusion Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son were surprise inclusions for the last half-hour of Spurs" win, despite the club"s packed domestic and European schedule and their next game at Crystal Palace, live on Premier League this Sunday, coming less than 72 hours after the Antwerp victory

实况足球13评测“但是,每个坐在板凳上或在寒冷的天气陪我离开球场的球员,他们都可以去更衣室,如果发生这种情况,我什至更喜欢。” 儿子,凯恩的包容“一点问题都没有”,尽管马刺在国内和欧洲的比赛日程安排很紧,而且他们在水晶宫的下一场比赛仍在继续,但凯恩的哈里·凯恩和儿子孙兴民在马刺获胜的最后半小时中却是令人惊讶的包容。 英超联赛本周日举行,距安特卫普夺冠不到72小时

Mourinho played down the significance of their introduction from the bench, saying: "The thinking was to win the match


In spite of being in control always, and them not creating any chances I remember, the game was still open


"To play 30 minutes is not an accumulation of fatigue, to play 30 minutes is less than 90 minutes or 100 minutes of a training session, so it was not a problem at all


"I decided after the first goal to bring fresh players and give a last kick in the story of the game, and it was game over when Gio [Lo Celso] scored the second goal."

“在第一个进球之后,我决定引进新球员并为比赛提供最后一球,而Gio(Lo Celso)攻入第二个进球就结束了比赛。”


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