Wycombe 1-2考文垂:利亚姆·凯利(Liam Kelly)两次射出天蓝,赢得胜利

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Liam Kelly"s first goals for over two years gave Coventry their first away league win of the season as they held on for a 2-1 victory at struggling Wycombe

利亚姆·凯利(Liam Kelly)两年多以来的首个进球为考文垂(Coventry)赢得了本赛季的首个联赛冠军,他们在苦苦挣扎的威科姆(Wycombe)上以2-1获胜。

Kelly, who later went off injured, had not scored since a victory over Stevenage in April 2018 while the Sky Blues were in League Two, but his timely double sent Mark Robins" side eight points clear of the bottom three


Wycombe fought back hard after Joe Jacobson"s penalty pulled a goal back, but they remain two points adrift of safety after their winless run was extended to eight games

乔·雅各布森(Joe Jacobson)的点球挽回一球后,威科姆(Wycombe)进行了艰苦的反击,但在无胜追击被延长到八场之后,他们仍然保持了2分的安全性

Captain Matt Bloomfield almost had the Wycombe supporters out of their seats after 11 minutes when he sent a volley from just outside the area wide after Jack Grimmer"s cross had been cleared into his path欢乐斗地主电脑版

11分钟后,杰克·格里默(Jack Grimmer)的十字架被清理出禁区后,马特·布鲁姆菲尔德(Matt Bloomfield)上尉从区域外抽射了威科姆队的支持者, 欢乐斗地主电脑版

Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet The Chairboys certainly started the livelier of the two teams, albeit without creating any clear-cut opportunities in from of 2,000 supporters at Adams Park

冠军赛器材| 桌子| 尽管没有在亚当斯公园(Adams Park)的2,000名支持者中创造任何明确的机会,但主席无疑开始了两支球队的活力

Bloomfield had another sighter after Alex Samuel had battled for a free-kick from deep, but his effort was comfortably dealt with by Coventry goalkeeper Ben Wilson

在亚历克斯·塞缪尔(Alex Samuel)从深处为任意球而奋斗之后,布卢姆菲尔德有了另一个瞄准者。

The Sky Blues, unbeaten in six but the only team in the Championship without an away win this season going into this game, had their first opening after 33 minutes when Kelly shot wide


But he was on target for the visitors just a minute later when he seized possession in midfield before smacking an excellent shot into the bottom corner from 25 yards


Having ended his long goal drought, Kelly grabbed his second right on half-time, heading in from close range after Dominic Hyam had nodded Gustavo Hamer"s free-kick back across goal

结束了漫长的进球荒之后,凯利在半场比赛中取得了第二个权利,在多米尼克·海姆(Dominic Hyam)向古斯塔沃·哈默(Gustavo Hamer)的任意球打回头球后近距离进攻

It was his last act, as he was replaced for the second half by Amadou Bakayoko, having taken a knock just before he doubled his tally

这是他的最后一幕,下半场被Amadou Bakayoko取代,他在加倍理财之前就被敲了一下

Coventry were now looking full of confidence and came close to a third when an audacious lob from Fankaty Dabo dropped just over the bar

考文垂现在充满信心,当来自Fankaty Dabo的大胆的球落在酒吧附近时,排名接近三分之一

But Wycombe were given a route back into the game just after the hour mark when Kyle McFadzean bundled over David Wheeler in the area and Jacobson sent Wilson the wrong way from the penalty spot to halve the deficit

但是在小时标记之后,当凯尔·麦克法兰(Kyle McFadzean)捆绑该地区的戴维·惠勒(David Wheeler),而雅各布森(Jacobson)以错误的方式从罚球点将威尔逊(Wilcombe)减半时,韦科姆才得以回到比赛中

Fred Onyedinma should have drawn the Chairboys level four minutes later when he blazed over after surging through on goal

弗雷德·奥涅丁玛(Fred Onyedinma)应该在四分钟后吸引了男篮主席的一席之地,当时他在进球高潮后大放异彩

Hamer then almost restored Coventry"s two-goal cushion in sensational fashion when his lob from 45 yards sailed over Ryan Allsop and clipped the outside of the post欢乐斗地主电脑版

然后,当哈默(Hamer)在45码外的吊球驶过莱恩·阿索普(Ryan Allsop)并剪掉柱子的外面时,哈默几乎以惊人的方式恢复了考文垂的两球垫 欢乐斗地主电脑版

Wycombe thought they had snatched a point in the fourth minute of stoppage time when Scott Kashket tapped in after Wilson had saved Adebayo Akinfenwa"s volley, but an offside flag meant their joy was shortlived

Wycombe认为他们在停赛时间的第四分钟就抢到了一点,这是在威尔逊救出阿德巴约·阿金芬瓦的齐射之后斯科特·卡什凯特(Scott Kashket)插脚的时候,但是越位标志意味着他们的喜悦短暂了


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