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Team news and stats ahead of Man City vs West Brom in the Premier League on Tuesday evening (kick-off 8pm)


Team newsManchester City striker Sergio Aguero could return to action when they face West Brom on Tuesday night

曼彻斯特城前锋塞尔吉奥·阿奎罗(Sergio Aguero)可能在周二晚上面对西布朗队时恢复行动

Aguero missed the Manchester derby through illness but has returned to training


Eric Garcia and Oleksandr Zinchenko remain sidelined, but Pep Guardiola otherwise has a fully fit squad

埃里克·加西亚(Eric Garcia)和Oleksandr Zinchenko仍在场,但瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)则完全适合

Premier League table | Premier League top scorersPremier League fixtures | Premier League results Live football on December PL picks: All the games on SkyWest Brom forward Matheus Pereira serves the second of his three-game ban when the Baggies travel to the Etihad啪啪游戏厅

英超联赛表| 英超联赛最佳射手|英超联赛赛程| 英超联赛结果12月PL直播足球精选:当巴吉队前往阿提哈德时,SkyWest Brom前锋Matheus Pereira的所有比赛都是他三场禁赛中的第二场 啪啪游戏厅

Pereira was dismissed in the 5-1 defeat to Crystal Palace this month with West Brom failing in their attempt to overturn the red card

佩雷拉(Pereira)在本月5-1击败水晶宫的比赛中被撤职,西布朗(West Brom)未能推翻红牌

Kyle Bartley (calf), Conor Townsend (knee), Sam Field (knee) and Hal Robson-Kanu (arm) are also out for Slaven Bilic

Kyle Bartley(小腿),Conor Townsend(膝盖),Sam Field(膝盖)和Hal Robson-Kanu(手臂)也将参加Slaven Bilic比赛。

How to followFollow Man City vs West Brom in our dedicated live match blog


Highlights will also be published on the digital platforms and the Football YouTube channel shortly after the final whistle

最后的口哨声也将在数字平台和Football YouTube频道上发布。

啪啪游戏厅Download the Scores App: Apple | AndroidThe UK"s No 1 scores app: Find out morePitch to Post Review podcastArsenal are officially in crisis, but at least the merch looks good! Jasper Taylor is joined by Kate Burlaga and Gerard Brand to discuss the weekend"s Premier League action, as Arsenal lost again at the Emirates, meaning their current points tally has them on track to finish 15th this season (05:27)

啪啪游戏厅下载Scores应用程序:Apple | Android英国排名第一的应用程序:了解更多信息发布评论播客阿森纳正式陷入危机,但至少看起来不错! 贾斯珀·泰勒(Jasper Taylor)与凯特·伯拉加(Kate Burlaga)和杰拉德·布兰德(Gerard Brand)一起讨论了周末的英超联赛比赛,阿森纳在阿联酋再次输了,这意味着他们目前的积分榜使他们有望在本赛季排名第15位(05:27)

How low does it have to go for Mikel Arteta to face the sack? The panel also discuss Liverpool"s 1-1 draw at Fulham on Super Sunday (18:30), and why the injury to Diogo Jota could have big ramifications for Jurgen Klopp"s side

Mikel Arteta面对麻袋必须走多低? 小组成员还讨论了利物浦在超级星期日(18:30)在富勒姆1-1战平的原因,以及为何迪奥戈·乔塔(Diogo Jota)的受伤对尤尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)的球队有重大影响

In the Regional Review, we talk all things Newcastle with News reporter Keith Downie - takeover talk is on the menu again, as well as Steve Bruce"s intentions for the January window (32:23)

在“区域评论”中,我们与新闻记者Keith Downie谈了纽卡斯尔的所有事情-收购菜单再次在菜单上,以及史蒂夫·布鲁斯(Steve Bruce)打算在一月份的窗口(32:23)

And in part four, we discuss a turgid Manchester derby (45:30) which brought more questions than answers, including: should players really be hugging and smiling after serving up such a dour performance? DOWNLOAD THE PITCH TO POST PODCAST ON APPLE - or listen on Spotify below..

在第四部分中,我们讨论了一个悲惨的曼彻斯特德比(45:30),它带来的问题多于答案,包括:表现出色的表现后,球员真的应该拥抱和微笑吗? 下载音调以在苹果上发布播客-或在下面的Spotify上收听。

Opta statsMan City have won their last 13 Premier League games against West Brom, scoring 37 goals and conceding just nine


It"s the Citizens" longest winning run against a specific opponent in their top-flight history.West Brom have never won a Premier League game at the Etihad in 11 attempts (D2 L9), with their last away league win at Man City coming in February 2003 at Maine Road (2-1).Man City are unbeaten in their last 39 Premier League home games against promoted sides (W35 D4) since losing 0-2 against Reading in February 2007

这是公民在最高飞行历史中对特定对手的最长获胜记录。西布朗(Brom)从未在阿提哈德(Etihad)赢得11次尝试(D2 L9)的英超联赛冠军,而他们在曼城的最后一场联赛胜利则是2月。 2003年在缅因路(2-1)。曼城在最近39场对阵晋级球队(W35 D4)的英超联赛主场比赛中保持不败,此前他在2007年2月对阵雷丁的比赛中输掉0-2

The Citizens have scored 104 goals in these 39 games, while conceding just 25 in return.West Bromwich Albion have never won a Premier League game on a Tuesday, in 27 previous attempts (D12 L15)

公民在这39场比赛中打入104球,但仅退还25球。西布罗姆维奇Albion从未在星期二赢得英超比赛,此前有27次尝试(D12 L15)

It"s the most number of games a team has played on a specific day of the week without ever winning in the competition.Manchester City have scored 17 goals in the Premier League after 11 games this season, 17 fewer than at this stage last season when they had 34

这是一支球队在一周中的某一天没有赢得比赛的比赛中最多的一场比赛。曼彻斯特城在本赛季经过11场比赛后在英超联赛中攻入17球,比上赛季这个阶段少了17球。 有34

It"s only the third instance of a team scoring 17+ fewer goals after 11 games in consecutive seasons, with the other two also Man City (21 in 1994/95, 3 in 1995/96 & 39 in 2011/12, 20 in 2012/13).After remaining unbeaten in his first two matches against Man City in 2015/16 with West Ham (W1 D1), Slaven Bilic has lost all three of his games against Pep Guardiola"s City by an aggregate score of 12-1, losing all three games in 2016/17 as Hammers boss.Man City"s Kevin De Bruyne has been directly involved in 12 goals in his last eight Premier League starts against newly promoted teams (5 goals, 7 assists)

这仅是球队连续11场比赛进球减少17个以上的进球的第三个实例,另外两个也是曼城(1994/95年21个,1995/96年3个,2011/12年39个,2012/20年20个 13)。在2015/16与西汉姆(W1 D1)对抗曼城的前两场比赛中保持不败之后,斯拉文·比利奇(Slaaven Bilic)输掉了他对阵瓜迪奥拉城的所有三场比赛,总比分为12-1,输了 曼城队在2016/17赛季三连胜,曼城队的凯文·德·布鲁因(Kevin De Bruyne)在最近八场英超联赛中对阵新晋球队的比赛中直接参与了12个进球(5个进球,7次助攻)


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