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"We have to freshen it up," said Mikel Arteta ahead of kick-off at the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday night

米歇尔·阿特塔(Mikel Arteta)在星期三晚上在阿联酋体育场开球之前说:“我们必须对它进行重新整理。”

The Arsenal boss had made four changes to his starting line-up to face Southampton


He had altered his set-up too, switching from a back four to a back three


But there was little in the way of freshness in their performance


In fact, it all felt very familiar


Arsenal did at least muster a response after falling behind on this occasion, with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scoring his first Premier League goal at the Emirates Stadium since July - discounting the one he put past his own goalkeeper against Burnley on Sunday

在这次落后之后,阿森纳至少做出了回应,皮埃尔·埃默里克·奥巴梅扬(Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang)自7月以来首次在酋长球场打进英超联赛进球-打败了他周日对阵伯恩利的进球

But Arsenal"s performance before that offered little encouragement and what happened next was grimly predictable too


Just as they appeared to be in the ascendency, another needless red card, this time to Gabriel Magalhaes

就像他们似乎正在崛起一样,这是另一张不必要的红牌,这次是加布里埃尔·玛格海斯(Gabriel Magalhaes)

It was Arsenal"s seventh sending off in 33 Premier League games under Arteta


Arsenal 1-1 Southampton - Match report and highlightsGet a NOW TV pass for just 25" 2 for 1 channel offerMercifully, they managed to see out the closing stages this time, even going close to stealing three points when Rob Holding crashed a header against the bar

阿森纳1-1南安普敦-比赛报道和要点立即获得电视通行证,仅需25"2换1个频道的报价幸好,他们这次设法看到了收盘阶段,甚至在Rob Holding将标头撞向对手的时候差点偷走了3分。 酒吧

But it is a measure of how far Arsenal have fallen that clinging on for a draw at home to Southampton feels vaguely positive


The numbers make grim reading


Arsenal remain 15th in the Premier League table, only five points clear of the relegation zone


They have won once in their last nine games in the competition


Their tally of 14 points is their lowest at this stage of a season in 46 years


Arteta will take heart from the collective resolve shown after the sending off


"I saw all the players that weren"t participating and they were in the stands shouting, being right behind the team and living the game with them, which is a really strong signal," he said afterwards, in reference, perhaps, to recent reports of unrest

事后他说:“我看到所有没有参加比赛的球员,他们都在看台上大喊大叫,他们紧追球队,与他们一起生活,这是一个非常强烈的信号。” 骚动的报道

But Arsenal will need more than that if they are to reverse their recent form in the next 10 days


Their next assignment comes against a resurgent Everton at Goodison Park on Saturday


After that they host Manchester City and Chelsea乐讯手机游戏下载

之后,他们接待了曼城和切尔西 乐讯手机游戏下载

Those sides are more than capable of punishing a performance like the one Arsenal produced during the first half at the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday night, just as Southampton did when Gabriel and Mohamed Elneny inexplicably collided in midfield, allowing Che Adams to slide Theo Walcott through on goal for the opener

这些方面有能力惩罚周三晚上在阿联酋体育场上半场比赛中产生的一场阿森纳的表现,就像南安普顿在加布里埃尔和穆罕默德·埃内尼莫名其妙地在中场相撞时所做的那样,允许切·亚当斯将西奥·沃尔科特滑入 揭幕战的目标

乐讯手机游戏下载It was desperate defending from Arsenal but once again it was with the ball that they struggled most


Southampton are a fine side who came into the game in excellent form, but it was still jarring to see Arsenal register only 43 per cent of the possession on their own turf before the break


By the end, that number had dropped to 35 per cent


Aubameyang"s goal and Bukayo Saka"s role in it - a brilliant run which took him past three defenders - are positives Arteta will hope to build on

Aubameyang的目标和Bukayo Saka的目标-出色的表现使他超过了三名后卫-这是Arteta希望建立的积极基础

But the issues with build-up and chance creation remain


Arsenal were outshot by their opponents - and in both halves too


Sign up for PL goal alerts | Get That despite Arteta"s changes

注册PL目标警报| 尽管Arteta有所改变

Arsenal supporters were eager for the manager to shake things up and he did, at least to some degree, but Nicolas Pepe carried no more threat than Willian, while Eddie Nketiah had to make do on the same meagre service as Alexandre Lacazette


Different players, same problems


Edu, Arsenal"s technical director, could be seen shaking his head in frustration when the camera landed on him late in the first half


You suspect the fans would have been similarly unimpressed had they been there to see it first-hand


Arteta praised his players for "defending with their lives" in the latter stages of the game


He will take the point and move on - "when you cannot win it, you don"t lost it," he added - but while the result was better than it might have been, it was ultimately another performance to highlight just how much work lies ahead of him

他会说清楚并继续前进-“当您无法赢得胜利时,您就不会失去它。”但结果虽然好于预期,但最终还是另一项表现,突出显示了多少工作量 在他前面


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