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The Scottish Cup final takes place on Sunday between Celtic and Hearts and the chances of Robbie Neilson"s side causing an upset was the focus of conversation on the latest Scottish Football Podcast

苏格兰杯决赛将于周日在凯尔特人队和哈特斯队之间举行,罗比·尼尔森(Robbie Neilson)的一面引起不安的机会成为最新苏格兰足球播客的话题焦点

Ian Crocker hosts Kris Boyd and Andy Walker as they discuss James Tavernier"s incredible free-kick as Rangers overcome Dundee United, which gets them talking about whether a goalkeeper needs a wall when the ball is that far out

伊恩·克罗克(Ian Crocker)主持人克里斯·博伊德(Kris Boyd)和安迪·沃克(Andy Walker)讨论詹姆斯·塔弗尼尔(James Tavernier)令人难以置信的任意球,而流浪者战胜了邓迪(Dundee United),这使他们开始谈论球远的时候门将是否需要围墙

All the weekend"s results are discussed in detail before they preview the 2020 Scottish Cup final and give their weekly predictions, while two wins in a week for Celtic suggests there are green shoots of recovery for Neil Lennon"s side..


Download the Scottish Football Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox | SpreakerHistory beckons for Celtic A quadruple treble is the unprecedented prize at stake for Celtic at Hampden this weekend as Hearts stand in the way of a 12th consecutive domestic trophy

在以下位置下载苏格兰足球播客:Spotify | 苹果| Castbox | 史上最强的凯尔特人战绩本周末在汉普登,凯尔特人将四倍的高音夺冠,这是史无前例的,因为红心大战已连续十二次夺得国内冠军

Following their faltering start to the campaign, which saw the team dumped out of the Europa League, is their light at the end of the tunnel for Celtic? Andy Walker told the Scottish Football Podcast: "I think Celtic supporters have been pleasantly surprised by the immediate impact Conor Hazard, David Turnbull and Ismaila Soro have had on the team

在他们步履蹒跚的竞选开始之后,这支球队被淘汰出欧罗巴联赛,他们的光芒在凯尔特人的隧道尽头了吗? 安迪·沃克(Andy Walker)告诉苏格兰足球播客:“我认为凯尔特人的支持者对科纳·哈扎德,大卫·特恩布尔和伊斯梅拉·索罗对球队的直接影响感到惊喜

"The change in formation to a back four with Kristoffer Ajer playing at right-back with Shane Duffy coming back into the centre of defence alongside Christopher Jullien have almost been forced upon Lennon, but they have worked and there is a better look about the starting XI

“克里斯托弗·阿杰尔与克里斯托弗·朱利安和克里斯托弗·朱利安一起回到防守中心,克里斯托弗·阿杰尔在右后卫的位置上向后排四号位的转变几乎被迫列侬,但是他们已经奏效了,而且开局情况看起来更好 XI

Celtic boost Steve Lennon with Killie win as fans target boardMark McKenzie open to Celtic move in JanuaryPeter Lawwell: Celtic haven"t given up on title"It will be a big call to see who Lennon goes with for the Scottish Cup final

凯尔特人队以凯基赢得了凯尔特人队的胜利,史蒂夫·列侬(Steve Lennon)成为球迷的目标板马克·麦肯齐(Mark McKenzie)一月份向凯尔特人队开放彼得·劳维尔(Peter Lawwell):凯尔特人队没有放弃冠军

He will have made up his mind having kept a clean sheet and taken all three points against Kilmarnock


In the immediate aftermath of that game, he was already speaking of being loyal to those who have got him to another Cup final


"I feel he should go with the players who are in form


I know you often see a lot of changes for cup games, but this is a final


Celtic should go with the players who are in form and those who started this improved run against Lille


"You have to remember to level of quality that side was up against


Lille are riding high in Ligue 1 and that was a really good performance for Celtic to win that

里尔(Lille)在《联赛1》(Ligue 1)中高居榜首,这对于凯尔特人(Celtic)赢得那场比赛来说确实是一个很好的表现

It did not mean a great deal in the grand scheme of things in the Europa League group, but it was against quality opposition


"Hazard should stay in goal


I know he is not making save after save, but I have spoken to enough defenders and played alongside enough quality defenders in the game to know that the relationship that a goalkeeper has with those in front of them is so crucial


"I haven"t seen any relationship being developed with either Vasilis Barkas or Scott Bain so I would go with Hazard

“我没有看到与瓦西里斯·巴尔卡斯(Vasilis Barkas)或斯科特·贝恩(Scott Bain)建立任何关系,所以我会选择哈扎德(Hazard)

I would certainly go with Turnbull and Soro and take it from there


枪击类游戏It was one of the biggest aspects of the win over Kilmarnock was the clean sheet as they have been giving away so many soft goals in the games played previously


"To win 2-0 must have pleased all of the back four and the manager, but it seems to me he has already made up his mind and will go with the players who got Celtic to the final in the first place." Can Hearts spring a surprise? Walker admits Celtic have been "shocked" by Rangers" blistering start to the campaign

“要取得2-0的胜利一定会让后四和经理都感到高兴,但在我看来,他已经下定决心,并将与把凯尔特人带入决赛的球员们一起去。” 心中会惊喜吗? 沃克承认凯尔特人对流浪者的竞选热烈开始感到“震惊”

Steven Gerrard"s side put together a 27-game unbeaten start to the campaign that was ended by St Mirren in the Scottish League Cup quarter-finals on Wednesday

史蒂芬·杰拉德(Steven Gerrard)的球队为这项运动贡献了27场不败的开局,但在周三的苏格兰联赛杯四分之一决赛中,圣米伦(St Mirren)结束了这场运动

But do Hearts have what it takes to inflict a new low on Celtic this weekend? The Edinburgh club are top of the Scottish Championship after winning six of their opening six league games, including a 6-1 victory over Queen of the South last weekend

但是,这个周末,Hearts有什么需要在凯尔特人身上再创一个新低? 爱丁堡俱乐部在开场六场联赛的六场比赛中获胜后,在苏格兰冠军榜上名列前茅,其中包括上周末以6-1击败南方女王

"Hearts are a Scottish Premiership club in all but name, looking beyond all the nonsense during the summer," Walker added


"Hearts should not be in the Championship when you consider the players they have - thinking of Craig Gordon and Craig Halkett, Christophe Berra and Steven Naismith, Liam Boyce and Jamie Walker


"They have got players who would easily survive in the Scottish Premiership, if not do well in the top six


So they will pose a threat to Celtic and they will get their chances


There has been a lot more debate surrounding Celtic in recent weeks due to their indifferent form, but I do expect them to win as they have got players who can handle the big occasion."



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