足球中的南亚人:迈克尔·乔普拉(Michael Chopra)呼吁足总和英超采取更多行动

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Michael Chopra has told News he does not believe the Football Association and the Premier League are doing enough to get British South Asians into football中国彩票大赢家

迈克尔·乔普拉(Michael Chopra)告诉《新闻报》,他认为足球协会和英超联赛所做的工作不足以使英国南亚人加入足球 中国彩票大赢家

中国彩票大赢家Former Newcastle, Sunderland and Cardiff striker Chopra, whose father comes from the northern Indian state of Punjab, is one of the finest footballing talents to emerge from Britain"s South Asian community, making over 400 appearances in a senior career spanning almost 15 years


Swansea"s Yan Dhanda last month told News that South Asians seem to consistently get "overlooked", insisting there has been a lack of progress on changing perceptions of the community in football

斯旺西的颜达达(Yan Dhanda)上个月告诉《新闻报》,南亚人似乎一直被“忽视”,坚称在改变人们对足球界的看法方面缺乏进展

Chopra, who has scored 100 goals in English league football, says he does not understand why he has never been approached by football authorities to help support and mentor emerging South Asian players in this country, despite his wealth of experience in the game


"I don"t believe the FA and the Premier League encourage enough [South] Asian people to play football," Chopra told News


"I believe the FA and the Premier League need to do a lot more in society with Asians


中国彩票大赢家They need to have some more role models


And look, I am always happy to go and speak to people and encourage people


I go to India and people look up to me, the Indian players look up to me


"It"s hard, because I don"t know why nobody has reached out to me


People [from GamCare] have reached out for the TalkBanStop campaign about the gambling and I am here speaking about it


"If they want to ask me about how to help Asian players become professional footballers, I will go to the youth teams and the clubs, speak to players and give them advice, because I needed help in my time when I was coming through the ranks


Michael Chopra: Hamza Choudhury has England potential Sachin Tendulkar supports me, says Michael ChopraMichael Chopra: My dream to play for India"I was lucky enough that I pretty much had Alan Shearer that I could turn to

迈克尔·乔普拉(Michael Chopra)说:迈克尔·乔普拉(Hamza Choudhury)具有英格兰的潜力,萨钦·滕杜卡(Sachin Tendulkar)支持我,迈克尔·乔普拉(Michael Chopra):我为印度效力的梦想。

I had the same agent as him since the age of 15 or 16, I was playing at the same club as him


"When you are coming through the ranks, you do need someone that knows the culture


That"s one of the main problems


A lot of English people don"t know [and understand] the Asian culture


"At times it"s tough because some people are not mentally and physically ready for the demands of the English game


I wasn"t when I was a young kid


"I had to adjust at the age of 13, 14


I had to adjust the way I played and things like that because I wasn"t physically ready and I wasn"t tall enough to play games for Newcastle, so my advice would be crucial." FA committed to delivering diverse and inclusive campaignThe FA has told News they remain passionate about addressing the issue of South Asian under-representation in the English game, both on and off the pitch

我必须调整比赛方式和类似的方式,因为我身体还不够好,身材不够高,无法为纽卡斯尔玩游戏,所以我的建议至关重要。” FA致力于开展多元化和包容性的运动 告诉《新闻报》,他们仍然热衷于解决英语游戏中无论在场上还是场外的南亚代表不足问题

An FA spokesperson told News: "The FA"s Asian Inclusion plan, "Bringing Opportunities to Communities", aims to engage with Asian communities and encourage greater participation across the game


This forms a critical part of our broader inclusion strategy, "In Pursuit of Progress", which involves creating opportunities in football, both on and off the pitch, for people of all backgrounds and from all communities


"The FA is committed to delivering a diverse and inclusive game, which is free from all forms of discrimination


We recognise the important role The FA continues to play in helping to unite communities and break down barriers that may stop people from participating in football


Emile Heskey: I know what football means to South Asians Yan Dhanda: South Asians brushed under the carpet "Watching Hamza and Barnes flourish motivates me""We know that Asian communities have historically been under-represented across all areas of the game and we remain passionate about addressing this issue both on and off the pitch中国彩票大赢家

埃米尔·赫斯基(Emile Heskey):我知道足球对南亚人意味着什么严达达(Yan Dhanda):南亚人在地毯下刷牙"观看汉姆扎和巴恩斯的蓬勃发展激励着我"” 热情地在场内外解决这个问题 中国彩票大赢家

"Our work in this space includes delivering community programmes, providing coaching and refereeing bursaries, engaging South Asian women and girls and fan groups, using current role models within the game to encourage participation, and continuing to work with faith communities." A Premier League spokesperson told News: "The Premier League is committed to increasing opportunities and embedding equality and inclusion across football

“我们在这一领域的工作包括提供社区计划,提供教练和裁判助学金,与南亚妇女,女童和球迷团体打交道,在游戏中使用当前的榜样来鼓励参与,并继续与信仰社区合作。” 英超联赛发言人告诉新闻:“英超联赛致力于增加机会,并将平等和包容性融入整个足球领域

The statistics show clearly more needs to be done to increase British Asian representation in the professional game


"As part of our ongoing work in this area, we are working with our clubs to understand where there are potential barriers and how we, alongside our clubs and other football organisations can work together to positively address the issue


"We have programmes in place such as our positive action coaching schemes, which create opportunities and pathways for Black and Asian coaches and Premier League clubs undertake wide-ranging action in their local areas, including programmes to encourage participation among British South Asian communities


"Through the Premier League Kicks programme, 91 professional football clubs engage children and young people of all backgrounds and abilities in football, sport and personal development sessions - providing a trusted, positive influence in high-need areas across England and Wales and encouraging participation in the sport." "Single largest statistical anomaly in English football"Kick It Out chair Sanjay Bhandari says there must be a united effort from across the game to address the under-representation of South Asians in football

“通过英超联赛踢球计划,有91个专业足球俱乐部在足球,体育和个人发展课程中吸引了具有各种背景和能力的儿童和年轻人参加–在英格兰和威尔士的高需求地区提供了可信赖的积极影响,并鼓励他们参与 运动。” 踢出去主席桑杰·班达里(Sanjay Bhandari)说,“英格兰足球中最大的统计异常”必须在整个比赛过程中共同努力,以解决南亚人在足球中所占比例偏低的问题

He told News: "South Asians represent around 8% of the UK population but around 0.3% are professional footballers


It is the single largest statistical anomaly in English football


Kick It Out partners with Sky in fight against racismPFA survey shows players wish to continue taking the knee"That massive level of under-representation indicates that bias is woven into the football culture - it is a systemic problem


Everyone in the game needs to do more


"The FA and the Premier League can take a lead but the biggest impact would come from club scouts and academies where decisions are made and stories of lazy stereotypes abound." "Football organisations must reach out for help"Arun Kang, Sporting Equals, chief executive, told News: "South Asians are conspicuous by their absence in football

“英足总和英超联赛可以带头,但是最大的影响将来自俱乐部的球探和学院,那里的决策和无聊的刻板印象的故事比比皆是。” “体育组织必须伸出援手,”首席执行官体育平等基金会(A Sporting Equals)首席执行官阿伦·康(Arun Kang)告诉新闻:“南亚人因缺席足球比赛而引人注目。

It is the most participated sport by South Asian communities with more football clubs than any other ethnically diverse community but there is still no sign of real change


"It"s surprising to be in 2020 and talk about an issue that many of us were highlighting 30 years ago


The numbers have barely moved


The Premier League and the FA have promoted initiatives but they all seem to have failed


It"s a shame neither the FA or Premier League have ever asked for support from Sporting Equals, who have over 50 South Asian football clubs as associate members

英足总或英超联赛都没有要求体育平等组织(Sporting Equals)提供支持,这是可耻的,体育平等组织拥有50多个南亚足球俱乐部作为准会员

"It seems to have become the norm in football that Asians can"t play the game at the highest level, with many South Asian families reporting coaches saying they are not prepared to stake their career on a South Asian footballer


That is a problem that needs to be tackled now or another generation of talented footballers will again lose out on their hopes and dreams of a career in the game


"I do hope more of the football organisations will reach out for help as we can provide insight, role models and effective engagement, and learning initiatives to make a difference." Meanwhile, News can confirm the FA has written to non-league side Sporting Bengal United after they called for talks on Islamophobia in the game following the FA National Game Board"s vote to award fellowship rights to former Council member Brian Jones

“我确实希望更多的足球组织能够提供帮助,因为我们可以提供洞察力,榜样和有效的参与以及学习计划以产生影响。” 同时,新闻可以证实,在足总国家游戏委员会投票决定授予前理事会成员布莱恩·琼斯研究金后,足协已向非联赛球队孟加拉国体育协会写信,因为他们呼吁在比赛中进行伊斯兰恐惧症的谈判。


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