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Eleven months on, same old, same old for TottenhamWhen Jose Mourinho was brought in to be Tottenham manager, it was to give the trophy-shy club the winning edge they needed to start filling their trophy cabinet

十一个月过去了,热刺老了,穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)被任命为热刺队主教练时,正是为了让这位对特洛伊人不屑一顾的俱乐部赢得他们开始填补自己的奖杯柜所需的优势

Eleven months on, their soft underbelly just will not go away


For the second home game in a row, Spurs conceded a last-minute equaliser to a team they looked like steamrollering for large periods


Had they held on against Newcastle and now West Ham, they would be just behind Everton after five games


Against Steve Bruce"s side they could blame a ludicrous handball rule and the perils of VAR

在史蒂夫·布鲁斯(Steve Bruce)的身边,他们可以责怪荒谬的手球规则和VAR的危险

But the only place to look after this latest capitulation was the mirror, having become the first team in Premier League history to blow a three-goal lead in the last 10 minutes of a game


Tottenham 3-3 West Ham - Match report and highlightsGet Get a NOW TV passSpurs looked like the sort of side who could challenge a Virgil van Dijk-less Liverpool to the title this season before half-time, making it 14 goals in two-and-a-half games with their 15-minute salvo of strikes in a sensational display of attacking football from the off


After the break, even when their pressing and intensity dropped, there was not even a hint at one of the worst Premier League capitulations in recent memory, and the collapse raises questions over just how ready Mourinho"s side are - mentally, as much as technically - to take that next step


"My players were not strong enough to cope with it psychologically," Mourinho said after full-time


He put on somewhat of a brave face, but behind the scenes he will be worried纯正电玩


The Spurs documentary charting Mourinho"s first season in north London was dominated by his determination to turn them into a team of cold-blooded winners


"Nice guys, they never win," was the line


After the restart, with results picking up and an on-field scuffle between Heung-Min Son and Hugo Lloris the boss described as "beautiful", it looked like things might be moving in the right way

重新启动后,结果有所改善,并且在Heung-Min Son和老板Hugo Lloris之间进行了现场混战,老板称这是“美丽”,看来事情可能以正确的方式发展

But with four points already dropped at home - all in injury-time - to teams who finished in the bottom half of last season"s league table, there is evidently still a long way to go for Mourinho to instil the ruthless mentality which has filled his own trophy cabinet so handsomely over the years.Ron Walker West Ham made of sterner stuffThe West Ham of recent seasons have seen a lot of money thrown at their team in the hope of turning them into a force on the pitch - but results have spoken for themselves

但是,对于已经在上赛季联赛排行榜后半段结束的球队来说,已经在主场砍下了4分(全都是伤病时间),对于穆里尼奥来说,灌输自己的无情心显然还有很长的路要走罗恩·沃克·西汉姆(Ron Walker West Ham)由出色的球员制成。最近几个赛季的西汉姆·汉姆(West Ham)向他们的球队投入了很多钱,希望将他们变成球场上的一支力量-但结果证明了自己

What David Moyes appears to have cultivated at the London Stadium is something money cannot buy

大卫·莫耶斯(David Moyes)似乎在伦敦体育场种植的东西是金钱无法买到的

Yes, the Hammers have bought well this summer and are reaping the rewards of having Michail Antonio fit for an extended period

是的,锤子今年夏天的表现不错,并获得了让Michail Antonio适应较长时间的收益

But the belief and the fight that the Hammers showed to mount a 10-minute comeback to draw 3-3 at Tottenham is something entirely different


You have to look back almost a decade to find the last time West Ham pulled back from three goals behind in the Premier League


It is rare for any side, but the mentality of the squad, largely since their move to the London Stadium, has rarely looked that of a team ready to roll up their sleeves


Now with seven points from consecutive trips to Wolves, Leicester and Tottenham, that may be starting to shift


The Hammers should have been dead and buried at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Sunday, but they hung in, regrouped at half-time and were the better team after the break


That in itself is not the hardest thing at 3-0 down and little to lose


Actually turning that into a battling point would not happen without the sort of belief Moyes and his team can use to pull away from the doldrums of the relegation fights which have become all-too familiar in recent seasons


Their personnel will go a long way towards achieving that; Jarrod Bowen has looked impressive at the start of his first full Premier League season, so too new wing-back Vladimir Coufal

他们的人员将为实现这一目标大步前进;贾罗德·鲍恩(Jarrod Bowen)在第一个完整的英超联赛赛季开始时就给人留下了深刻的印象,因此,新的边后卫弗拉基米尔·库法尔(Vladimir Coufal)

The shift to a 3-4-3, with Aaron Cresswell an effective marauding centre-back, has helped too

换成3-4-3,而Aaron Cresswell是有效的抢劫中后卫,这也有所帮助

Whether West Ham will keep this up, we will find out in 33 games


But if wins at Wolves and Leicester could be cynically described as flash in the pan, the grit required to mount Sunday"s comeback at Tottenham hints at something much deeper.Ron Walker Barkley serves up latest Villa moment to savour Had Hawkeye not malfunctioned at the start of Project Restart last season, then Aston Villa may well have been plotting their route out of the Sky Bet Championship at this very minute纯正电玩

但是如果把狼队和莱切斯特的胜利描述得像是在锅里一闪而过的话,那么周日在热刺的复出所需要的勇气就暗示着更深的东西。上个赛季重新启动项目,那么阿斯顿维拉很可能就在这一刻正在计划退出Sky Bet冠军赛纯正电玩

Instead, having avoid relegation by the skin of their teeth, Dean Smith"s side have grabbed the challenge of establishing themselves in the top-flight with both hands

取而代之的是,Dean Smith避免了牙齿周围的保护,因此克服了用双手使自己处于最佳状态的挑战

Leicester 0-1 Aston Villa - Match report and highlightsAfter the high of thrashing Liverpool, a dose of reality came at the King Power Stadium as a stubborn Leicester left Villa"s 100 per cent record hanging by a thread, but this Villa side is different, this Villa side is made of sterner stuff


With one fell swoop of his right foot, Ross Barkley clinched the gutsiest of victories that was as sweet as the demolition of the champions, as Villa"s remarkable change in fortunes continued to reach new highs

罗斯·巴克利(Ross Barkley)右脚一举摔倒,赢得了最伟大的胜利,就像夺冠的冠军一样甜美,因为比利亚(Villa)的显着命运变化不断达到新高

Villa are a point off the Premier League summit and are the only club in England to maintain their perfect start in 2020/21 after winning their first four league matches for the first time in 90 years


All this from a side who would probably admit fortune favoured their survival bid last season


纯正电玩If that does not make you believe that football works in mysterious ways, nothing will.Jack Wilkinson A bizarre bit of history for Crystal Palace If there is one game of the season in which you want to do something special, it is a derby against your fiercest rivals

纯正电玩如果那不能使您相信足球以神秘的方式发挥作用,那么一切都将无效。杰克·威尔金森(Jack Wilkinson)水晶宫的古怪历史如果本赛季有一场比赛想做一些特别的事情,那将是一场反对您的德比战。最激烈的竞争对手

Looking at it from that point of view, Crystal Palace did that, but perhaps not in the way some would hope


Since Opta began recording shot data in the Premier League in 2003-04, Crystal Palace are the first team to have just one shot in a match in the competition and that shot be a penalty




Crystal Palace 1-1 Brighton - Match report and highlightsIt came courtesy of Wilfried Zaha"s thumping spot-kick, his seventh goal against Brighton, the most he has scored versus one opponent and although the "one-shot" stat is certainly unique, it will be a concern for Roy Hodgson

水晶宫1-1布莱顿-比赛报告和摘要这是威尔弗里德·扎哈(Wilfried Zaha)的重击,是他对阵布莱顿的第七个进球,这是他对一名对手的最高进球,尽管“单发”数据无疑是独一无二的,成为罗伊·霍奇森(Roy Hodgson)的关注点

Brighton had a whopping 20 shots at Selhurst Park and the manager was rightly delighted with his side"s defensive performance, but, as was an issue last season, Crystal Palace need more going forward

布莱顿在塞尔赫斯特公园(Selhurst Park)命中率高达20杆,这位经理理所当然地为球队的防守表现感到高兴,但正如上赛季的问题一样,水晶宫还需要更多前进

On paper, they have the talent


Zaha, Andros Townsend and Jeffrey Schlupp can all cause issue on their day, Michy Batshuayi won the penalty and had a goal ruled out for offside

扎哈(Zaha),安德罗斯·汤森(Andros Townsend)和杰弗里·施卢普(Jeffrey Schlupp)都可能在当天造成问题,米奇·巴茨瓦伊(Michy Batshuayi)赢得点球,但进球被排除

That is before we mention summer-signing Eberechi Eze, who was an unused substitute, and Jordan Ayew, who missed out after testing positive for coronavirus

那是在我们提到夏天签约的埃贝雷基·埃兹(Eberechi Eze)和乔丹·艾尤(Eberechi Eze)之前,他们没有使用过替补,后者在冠状病毒检测呈阳性后错过了比赛

It is a continuation of last season"s concerns and something that Crystal Palace will need to address.Charlotte Marsh Will Brighton take a more pragmatic approach? It looked like being another frustrating afternoon for Brighton at Crystal Palace


The Seagulls dominated the game but could find no reply to Zaha"s 19th-minute penalty


That was until 21-year-old Argentinian Alexis Mac Allister came off the bench to thump home a 90th-minute equaliser they richly deserved

直到21岁的阿根廷人亚历克西斯·麦克阿里斯特(Alexis Mac Allister)替补出场,将他们应得的第90分钟扳平比分扳回国

Graham Potter was animated throughout and would have gone home scratching his head had his team not levelled after peppering Palace"s goal with 20 attempts compared to the one of the hosts

格雷厄姆·波特(Graham Potter)整个过程都充满生气,如果他的球队在向皇宫的目标施压之后,没有进行平整,他将回家挠头。

But, despite plenty of plaudits, Brighton have four points from their opening five games while Palace have seven and are four places higher in 12th spot


How Crystal Palace and Brighton lined up | Match stats"I am pleased with the performance and the team," Potter said

水晶宫和布赖顿如何排列?比赛统计数据:“我对表现和球队感到满意,” Potter说

"If we play that game 10 times we win it quite a few times." Quite possibly, but playing well and not winning has become a recurring theme for the south-coast club already this term


Potter has good defenders in Ben White, Lewis Dunk and Adam Webster, but you wonder if he will have to revert back to a more pragmatic approach moving forward to avoid more anxious afternoons such as this.Ben Grounds Man Utd arrive at Premier League party If the late flurry of Manchester United goals at Newcastle hadn"t made you sit up and take notice, then Ole Gunnar Solskjaer"s post-match comments certainly should have


"Our season started today


We"ve come up to the speed of the game and that showed today," the United boss told after the 4-1 victory at Newcastle


Newcastle 1-4 Man Utd - Match report and highlightsSolskjaer: Man Utd season has startedMata helps ease pressure on SolskjaerFor a Manchester United manager - or any manager for that matter - to admit it"s taken four games for his team to get off the ground just about sums up this remarkable Premier League season unfolding in front of our eyes


After the shambolic collapse to Spurs before the international break, Solskjaer would have taken any kind of victory to ease the pressure on his increasingly beleaguered squad, but he got much more than that


Four fine goals, stellar performances from Harry Maguire, Juan Mata and David de Gea and a rousing all-round response on Tyneside that announced Manchester United"s arrival in the 2020/21 season.Jack Wilkinson Victory and Aguero"s return provide timely boost for Man City It was a bold move from Pep Guardiola to include Sergio Aguero from the start against Arsenal after the striker had spent such a long time on the sidelines, but it was a timely return for City, especially with a congested fixture list and long-term doubts surrounding the fitness of Gabriel Jesus

四个出色的进球,哈里·马奎尔,胡安·马塔和戴维·德吉亚的出色表现以及泰恩赛德上令人振奋的全面反应宣布了曼联队在2020/21赛季的到来。杰克·威尔金森·胜利和阿奎罗的回归为曼城提供了及时的推动力在前锋花了很长时间在场外之后,从瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)到从阿森纳(Sengio Aguero)的一开始就大胆地将塞吉奥·阿圭罗(Sergio Aguero)包括在内,但这对于曼城来说是一次及时的回归,尤其是在赛程表拥挤和周围存在长期疑问的情况下加百列耶稣的健身

The Argentine hadn"t played since picking up a knee injury on June 22 but it was like he"d never been away


In the 65 minutes he was on the pitch, he played a key role in City"s winner and was a constant threat to Arsenal in what was a performance full of endeavour and quality


And his manager was delighted to have him back out on the field


"We are so happy with Sergio Aguero, he was out for four months but is a guy who needs rhythem

“我们对塞尔吉奥·阿奎罗(Sergio Aguero)感到非常高兴,他已经待了四个月,但他是一个需要节奏的人

I am so happy for him he is back." Man City 1-0 Arsenal - match report and highlightsMan City-Arsenal player ratings: Sterling starsRaheem Sterling, City"s match-winner, was also pleased to have the striker out on the pitch alongside him

我为他回来而感到非常高兴。”曼城1-0阿森纳-比赛报告和要闻曼城-阿森纳球员评分:斯特林球星曼城的比赛获胜者拉希姆·斯特林(Raheem Sterling)也很高兴能与他一起在球场上

"We haven"t been quite as fluent this season but in the last couple of games we have shown that fluency is coming back and it"s great to keep the momentum going," the England international said


"When Sergio is on the field you know there can be a goal at any moment


He is vital to help us compete on all fronts and great to have him back." The games are coming thick and fast now for City with the Champions League set to resume this week, and Aguero will have to be managed very carefully as City look to get him back up to full match sharpness


But with their all-time top goal scorer back, the defence putting in a solid display and victory over the Gunners helping to put their poor start behind them, things are starting to look up for Guardiola and his side.Oliver Yew Struggles at "big six" continue for improved Arsenal The wait goes on for Arsenal


Not only have the Gunners lost each of their last seven league games against Manchester City, they are now winless in their last 29 Premier League away games against "big six" opponents (D10 L19) since a 2-0 win at City in January 2015

自2015年1月在曼城以2比0赢得胜利以来,枪手不仅在与曼城的最后七场联赛中输掉了每一场比赛,而且在对“六强”对手(D10 L19)的最后29场英超客场比赛中,他们现在无赢

However, there are still signs of progression from Mikel Arteta"s side, who showed improvement from their 3-0 defeat at the Etihad Stadium back in June

然而,仍然有从米克尔·阿特塔(Mikel Arteta)身边进步的迹象,后者在6月的阿提哈德球场(Atihad Stadium)3-0击败中表现出了进步

How Man City and Arsenal lined up | Match statsThey were solid in defence for large parts of the game with City needing to show moments of real quality to break down the Gunners" defence


They also had their chances to get something from the game, and but for two magnificent saves from Ederson, one to deny the impressive Bukayo Saka and the other to keep Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at bay, they may have got a result


In the end, Arteta was left disappointed on his return to the Etihad


"I"m sad not to get anything from the game," the Spaniard said


"I felt we kept growing and growing, having more belief that we could get something


I"m proud of the way we played individually and collectively


It"s not easy to produce a performance in a stadium like that


We need everything to go our way to get a win here


The three or four chances you need to put them away." There is a process going on at Arsenal and there will be a few bumps along the way, but despite defeat, the Gunners showed they are still on the right path under Arteta.Oliver Yew Everton take battling qualities to the limit Without local representation, there were question marks over whether Carlo Ancelotti"s rejuvenated Everton side could restore some much-needed intensity to the Merseyside derby

您需要将它们淘汰的三到四次机会。”阿森纳正在进行一个过程,一路上会有一些颠簸,但是尽管失败了,但枪手们仍然显示他们仍然在阿尔泰塔(Arteta.Oliver)的正确道路上。红豆杉埃弗顿将战斗品质发挥到极致如果没有当地代表,卡洛·安切洛蒂(Carlo Ancelotti)焕发青春的埃弗顿那边能否恢复默西塞德郡德比(Merseyside derby)急需的强度存在疑问

Their last meeting against Liverpool in June was a dreary goalless draw in which both teams each managed just three shots on target with the visitors having 70 per cent possession


And while Everton were unable to end their decade-long winless drought against their neighbours, the manner in which they fought back twice to earn a point delighted their manager


"We could"ve won, drawn or lost," Ancelotti said afterwards


"The performance was good as we wanted to compete and in the end we did really well, with a good spirit


When we were down, we never lost confidence and we had opportunities to go ahead with Richarlison hitting the post


I am really satisfied


Premier League table | Fixtures | Live on SkyGet "When you concede a goal, you always have to defend better and we have to defend better in certain situations, but against Liverpool it"s really difficult


They keep a high intensity on the pitch, but we competed well." A perceived mental block has been previously debated, but this is a new-look Everton who entered the derby for the first time since September 1989 top of the table


After several meek renewals, the ferocity was back here as Richarlison saw red with a wild challenge on Thiago - Everton"s record 15th against their rivals in a Premier League fixture


It came after Virgil van Dijk had hobbled off in the first half with a knee injury inflicted by Jordan Pickford, and while Liverpool were left to count the injured, Everton will take comfort from their efforts against their city rivals

上个月,维吉尔·范·迪克(Virgil van Dijk)因乔丹·皮克福德(Jordan Pickford)的膝盖受伤而摔倒了,而利物浦只剩下要数伤者的人数,埃弗顿将从他们对阵城市对手的努力中得到安慰

Ancelotti spoke of how the derby would test his team"s mettle, and with Dominic Calvert-Lewin adding to his early-season goal rush, they emerged from their stiffest challenge still unbeaten, providing a further indication of the progress being made under the Italian.Ben Grounds Signs of life from Fulham? Fulham remain winless in the Premier League this season but there will be renewed hope within the Craven Cottage walls that survival might not be the impossible job

安切洛蒂(Ancelotti)谈到了德比如何考验球队的勇气,多米尼克·卡尔弗特·莱文(Dominic Calvert-Lewin)为其赛季初的进球加分,这使他们摆脱了最严峻的挑战,仍然不败,这进一步表明了在意大利人统治下取得的进步。富勒姆有生命迹象吗?富勒姆本赛季在英超联赛中仍未获胜,但在克雷文·茅斯的围墙内将重新燃起希望,生存可能不是不可能的工作

At Bramall Lane, they looked improved, buoyed by some new recruits

在Bramall Lane,他们受到了一些新兵的支持,看上去有所改善

Three of them - Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Ademola Lookman and Tosin Adaraboiyo - were handed their full debuts and fitted in seamlessly as Fulham looked a side full of invention on the counter attack, especially in the second half

他们中的三个人-鲁本·洛夫图斯·奇克(Ruben Loftus-Cheek),阿德莫拉·莱克曼(Ademola Lookman)和托辛·阿达拉波约(Tosin Adaraboiyo)首次亮相,并与富勒姆在反击中看起来充满了创造力,尤其是在下半场,无缝融合

Sheffield United 1-1 Fulham - Match report and highlightsLoftus-Cheek played intelligently in a free role just off the luckless Aleksandar Mitrovic, while the busy Lookman showed his quality with a fine solo effort that almost handed them maximum points

谢菲尔德联队1-1富勒姆-比赛报道和要点洛夫图斯-奇克(Loftus-Cheek)巧妙地扮演了自由角色,就靠运气不佳的亚历山大·米特罗维奇(Aleksandar Mitrovic),而忙碌的卢克曼(Lookman)用出色的独奏努力展示了自己的才华,几乎使他们获得了最高分。

Yet it was the performance of Adaraboiyo - an under the radar 1.5m purchase from Manchester City - at the heart of the Fulham defence that perhaps was the most noteworthy


He stepped up to the plate with a mature performance


Early days of course, but his influence could be the catalyst for Fulham to finally find some defensive cohesion.Lewis Jones Werner creates something out of nothing Analysis: Why can"t Chelsea fix their defence?The murmurs were getting louder

当然了,但他的影响力可能是富勒姆最终找到防御凝聚力的催化剂。刘易斯·琼斯·维尔纳(Lewis Jones Werner)创造了一些毫无用处的分析方法:切尔西为何无法修复防守?

If Timo Werner had gone another 90 minutes without scoring in the Premier League, the questions would have come


Is he struggling to settle? Can he keep up with the pace of the Premier League? Is he being played in the right position? But within half an hour of Chelsea"s 3-3 draw with Southampton, Werner had put all of that to bed


They may not have got the desired end result, but Werner"s performance on Saturday will bring Chelsea fans excitement


It"s clear the 24-year-old is a match winner


Chelsea 3-3 Southampton - Match report and higlightsHow Chelsea and Saints lined up | Match statsHis two goals were self-made


The first came from a quite sublime dummy to leave Jan Bednarek in quicksand, before dancing past a couple of challenges and picking the perfect time to shoot through a crowded penalty area

第一个来自一个非常崇高的假人,让扬·贝德纳里克(Jan Bednarek)离开流沙,然后跳了几次挑战,并选择了穿越拥挤的禁区的最佳时间

The second was pure confidence


This time he got goal side of Bednarek the conventional way with intelligent running, before having the nouse to lift it over Alex McCarthy and head into an empty net

这次,他以智能跑步的方式获得了Bednarek常规球门的一面,然后不得不将球举过Alex McCarthy并进入空网

Werner was making runs all afternoon - helped in part by Southampton"s press and higher-than-usual line - and was not stuck to one position


In fact, Chelsea"s entire front four had the freedom to roam where they felt necessary


Aside from the goals, Werner showed a willing team ethic to his play, happy to go for a more sensible option rather than bursting with the ball into the box


He registered a team-high 91 per cent success rate with his 22 passes, one of those for Kai Havertz"s goal in the second half following another run in-behind.Gerard Brand

他的22次传球成功率达到了全队最高的91%,其中之一是凯·哈维兹(Kai Havertz)的进球,随后又是另一次落后。


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