加雷斯·贝尔(Gareth Bale):欧洲冠军联赛缺席后,威尔士在皇马的十字路口前进

时间:2020-10-20 16:45:28

"I need to be playing week in, week out, and that"s not happened this season


I had an injury five, six weeks into the season but I"ve been fit ever since


I have to sit down with my agent in the summer and discuss it." When Gareth Bale scored twice in the Champions League final against Liverpool two years ago, he used his moment in the spotlight to express his frustration, after months of being left out of the team


Bale left out of Real squad for Man City clashBale: Where next for Wales star?Get Madrid are celebrating a 34th La Liga title and are targeting a fifth Champions League success in seven years this month, but very little has gone right for Bale since that public statement beneath the falling tickertape and confetti in Kiev


Zinedine Zidane departed days later, but Julen Lopetegui"s ill-fated five-month spell and subsequent sacking was blamed on Bale by Madrid legend Jorge Valdano

齐达内·齐达内(Zinedine Zidane)几天后离开,但朱莉·洛佩特吉(Julen Lopetegui)命运不佳的五个月拼写和随后的解雇被马德里传奇人物豪尔赫·瓦尔达诺(Jorge Valdano)归咎于贝尔

To compound matters, Real turned to their former manager to avert a growing crisis in March 2019, and their relationship has been as difficult as expected


"Their relationship is broken," Spanish football expert Alvaro Montero tells

西班牙足球专家阿尔瓦罗·蒙特罗(Alvaro Montero)表示:“他们的关系破裂了”

"They don"t even talk and they don"t have a good relationship


It"s purely professional


It"s not like the relationship he has with Sergio Ramos, Casemiro or with Luka Modric

这与他与塞尔吉奥·拉莫斯(Sergio Ramos),凯塞米罗(Casemiro)或卢卡·莫德里奇(Luka Modric)的关系不一样

"Bale has no relationship with Zidane


They respect each other as professionals, but there"s no relationship


"He"s the most expensive player in Madrid"s history, but Zidane has counted on Karim Benzema, Marco Asensio has come back into the fold after nine months out injured, Eden Hazard will get better while even Rodrygo, Vinicius and sometimes Lucas Vazquez are ahead of him

“他是马德里历史上最昂贵的球员,但齐达内一直指望本泽马(Karim Benzema),马可·阿森西奥(Marco Asensio)在受伤九个月后重返赛场,伊甸·哈扎德(Eden Hazard)会好起来,甚至连罗德里戈(Rodrygo),维尼修斯(Vinicius)甚至卢卡斯·巴斯克斯(Lucas Vazquez)都领先于他。

"Bale was a superstar four or five years ago, and when Cristiano Ronaldo left for Juventus, he was counted on to be the one who would replace his goals, but now he"s perhaps the sixth option

“贝尔是四,五年前的超级巨星,当克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)前往尤文图斯时,他被指望取代他的目标,但现在他也许是第六选择

"It"s impossible for him to resurrect his career at the club


He"ll be on the bench again next season and may play even less


It"s impossible for him to recover." Champions League state of playCharlie"s European predictionsChampions League resultAn unhappy and expensive marriage Despite winning four Champions League titles with Real, Bale divides opinion


There has been a perceived lack of commitment in the Spanish media with Marca describing him in one recent article as acting like a "clown" in the stands during the final few games of the season


As Real won 10 straight games since the restart to win a first La Liga title in three years, Bale played just 99 minutes - and this had little to do with the poor injury record that has plagued him in recent seasons


He has also been left out of Real Madrid"s 24-man squad for Friday"s Champions League match at Manchester City, and not because of injury


"It was a personal conversation I had with him


He preferred not to play," Zidane admitted at a press conference ahead of the City game


"The rest remains between me and him but he said he didn"t want to." Asked again about Bale"s future, Zidane simply said: "I don"t know"


It is a year this week Bale"s move to China was called off after Real Madrid cancelled the deal


He was set to earn a reported 45m for the 31-year-old would appear optimistic


篮球鞋评测"Bale loves Madrid, loves Spain and loves his bank account," Montero says


"He wants to stay here and in case the side were to play awful next season and Zidane was to be sacked, maybe he will get another opportunity


"My feeling, however, is that Zidane is now going to stay and there won"t be the same surprise as there was two years ago


It doesn"t make much sense to me for Bale to stay, but he will because there"s no club who"s going to make a satisfactory offer for Madrid


"It"s a marriage still, but they sleep in different bedrooms."



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