利兹球员承诺向马库斯·拉什福德(Marcus Rashford)运动捐款25,000英镑,以消除儿童食品贫困

时间:2020-10-25 22:39:33

The Leeds United squad have pledged £25,000 towards Marcus Rashford"s campaign to end child food poverty in the UK

利兹联队已向马库斯·拉什福德(Marcus Rashford)消除英国儿童粮食贫困的运动认捐25,000英镑

Rashford has been urging the Government to continue their free school meals programme over the upcoming school holidays, having already successfully forced them to extend the scheme over the summer


The 22-year-old"s campaign was put forward for a vote in Parliament by Labour, but it was rejected


However, an ever-growing number of councils and businesses are committing themselves to Rashford"s proposals


And Leeds captain Liam Cooper has now announced he and his team-mates will join the efforts to help the Manchester United and England forward reach his goal

利兹队长利亚姆·库珀(Liam Cooper)现在宣布,他和他的队友将共同努力,帮助曼联和英格兰队实现自己的目标

He tweeted: "Let"s do this Leeds! No children should ever go hungry


25k guaranteed from the Leeds squad


We stand with you Marcus Rashford." Lampard, Klopp praise "fantastic" Rashford campaignRashford awarded MBE for services to vulnerable childrenCooper also told News: "Me and the players are really fortunate and we are in a position to help and therefore we are delighted to support the campaign from Leeds City Council inspired by Marcus

我们与您站在一起,马库斯·拉什福德(Marcus Rashford)。”兰帕德(Lampard),克洛普(Klopp)赞扬“奇妙”的拉什福德(Rashford)运动拉什福德(Rashford)授予MBE为弱势儿童提供服务的机会。支持受马库斯启发的利兹市议会的竞选活动

No kids should go to bed hungry." Lampard, Klopp praise "fantastic" RashfordFrank Lampard has praised Marcus Rashford"s "fantastic" campaign against child poverty, while Jurgen Klopp says it is "absolutely incredible" what the Manchester United striker has achieved


Chelsea head coach Lampard said: "It"s been great to see young players with personality, with a voice, speaking up for things that they care passionately about


I absolutely commend him for that


"There are a group of players now in the Premier League - doesn"t matter what age or what team you play for - that are speaking out in the right way


It"s been fantastic and he deserves credit for it." Liverpool boss Klopp also expressed his admiration for Rashford but joked it was "tricky" for him to praise the striker because of the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United


"I am not sure I can find any better words than much smarter people have said but what Marcus has started there is absolutely incredible, it is so nice," said Klopp


"And with all the rivalry between the clubs, in these moments we are as footballers and as human beings always united东方威尼斯


"It"s just nice to show in a time when obviously a lot of people who are really in charge of something and don"t show any sign of proper leadership, that a boy grown up in difficult circumstances and blessed with sensational talent, obviously, never forgot his roots and where he is coming from, that he has to do it


"It is a bit of a shame that he has to do it but it is wonderful as well


I hope his mother is really proud of him东方威尼斯


I don"t know him but even I am proud of him


"And he plays for United which makes it really tricky! I"ve heard about Liverpool and Manchester United (rivalry) years and years ago


"But yes that just shows that football can be really wondrous in moments and it shows that the subject is really really serious and that is why everybody puts the rivalry aside and thinks about the more important things in life


"So I am really happy that Liverpool can show this solidarity in these moments


Now he is a role model for that and it is truly great and it won"t distract him from his football things."



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