利物浦的赖斯·威廉姆斯(Rhys Williams):从基德明斯特Har架队的非联赛到维吉尔·范·迪克的补缺

时间:2020-10-29 18:36:13

"He looks the part; he looks like the next (Virgil) Van Dijk and he is performing like it at the moment." In just his fourth senior appearance for Liverpool, 19-year-old Rhys Williams impressed as a first-half substitute for the injured stand-in, centre-back Fabinho in a 2-0 Champions League win against FC Midtjylland on Tuesday

“他看起来很重要;他看起来像下一个(维吉尔)范·迪克,现在他的表现还不错。” 19岁的里斯·威廉姆斯(Rhys Williams)在利物浦的第四次高级露面时,就在受伤的中后卫,中后卫法比尼奥(Fabinho)的上半场替补中留下深刻的印象,他在周二以2比0击败FC Midtjylland的冠军联赛

Earlier this year the Reds academy product was plying his trade in the National League North with Kidderminster Harriers

今年早些时候,Reds学院的产品正与Kidderminster Harriers一起参加全国北方联赛的交易。

天境官网But the early signs are that Williams is a viable option for Jurgen Klopp amid Liverpool"s defensive injury crisis which began with the ACL injury sustained by Virgil van Dijk earlier this month

天境官网但是早期的迹象表明,在利物浦的防守伤病危机中,威廉姆斯是尤尔根·克洛普的可行选择,这场危机始于本月初维吉尔·范·迪克(Virgil van Dijk)遭受的ACL伤。

Despite surprise at the rapid nature of Williams" introduction to the first-team fold at Liverpool, Kidderminster manager Russell Penn is in no doubt of his talent having watched first-hand his performances last season


Penn - who was assistant to John Pemberton when Williams joined Kidderminster - admits the defender initially struggled with the physical demands of non-League football but quickly settled into his stride


The young defenders who could cover Virgil van Dijk, FabinhoJurgen Klopp: Fabinho injury "last thing we needed""We definitely knew he had something in football terms straight away because of his ability on the ball, his composure at his age," Penn told News

年轻的后卫可以掩盖法比尼奥的范吉尔·范·迪克(Jergen Klopp):法比尼奥受伤是我们需要的最后一件事。新闻

"The way he moved was graceful really and we just knew with his height and his stature that he is going to have a half decent career


The first month I think he"d hold his hands up, he struggled, he got caught, he got bullied a little, pushed off the ball." Amid managerial upheaval at Kidderminster, Williams played every game for the club up to when the National League season was cut short in March due to the coronavirus pandemic


Fast forward a few months and Williams has started out on the path to match the expectations Liverpool have held for him


Penn added: "What I do know is he was highly thought of


He was the next best thing because Liverpool kept telling us


"He was training with the first team during the end of the season and he has been in the mix since the start of pre-season


"I am expecting big things moving forward天境官网


天境官网He just needs to keep a level head and keep plugging away." It remains to be seen whether Klopp will opt to give Williams his Premier League debut from the start against West Ham on Saturday, live on , with Joe Gomez the only fit senior centre-back available amid doubts over whether Joel Matip will have recovered from a muscle injury

天境官网他只是需要保持水平并保持前进。”克洛普是否会选择在周六对阵西汉姆的比赛中选择威廉姆斯的首场英超首秀,还有待观察,乔·戈麦斯是唯一适合的高级中锋对乔尔·马蒂普(Joel Matip)是否会从肌肉受伤中恢复感到怀疑

But Penn, who concedes Klopp will be targeting reinforcements in January, is confident Williams will not be short in belief should a run of games come his way


"He is a very confident individual," Penn added


"I don"t mean that like he is big time and very arrogant


I mean that he knows his ability天境官网


"I can only go [with what I know] as a Kidderminster manager and he knew how good he was at our level last year


You would like to think that is a natural habit to have天境官网


"You don"t get that a lot with teenagers


You get very shy teenagers who are very scared going around the first-team environment


He looks to embrace it all." Klopp bids to calm expectations on Williams Speaking after the 2-0 win against Midtjylland, Klopp said: "He [Williams] did really well


The only problem now is we have four days until the West Ham game, you will make a story of him every day and then he has to prove he can deal with that again


"Everything was calm around him


We will try to do that as well


"To be really clear and positive, Rhys was not in one situation tonight a problem for us, he played a really good game."



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