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Manchester United looked to be heading upwards when they qualified for the Champions League following a strong end to the 2019/20 season


百度欧冠足球Fast-forward three months and they are 15th in the Premier League and reeling from an embarrassing defeat to Istanbul Basaksehir


The Champions League had provided a welcome distraction from domestic difficulties for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer"s side, but, having beaten Paris Saint-Germain and RB Leipzig, their shortcomings were exposed in an abject defeat on the banks of the Bosporus on Wednesday evening


Manchester United were supposed to push on this season, they were supposed to build on that late surge which secured a top-four finish on the final day


Instead, they have made their worst start since the David Moyes era, and worst start at Old Trafford in almost half a century


After all the promise, how did we end up here? A missed opportunity over the summer?Did complacency seep into Old Trafford following their surge to qualify for the Champions League? Three months on, remarks by Gary Neville immediately after United joined Chelsea in securing a top-four finish on the final day of last season make for sobering reading


"What Manchester United and Chelsea need now is to not think this is OK," Neville said


"The big mistake these two clubs could make would be to think they are going catch Manchester City and Liverpool


They won"t if they don"t improve by another 10-15 per cent


"Solskjaer needs to spend money, but not recklessly

“ Solskjaer需要花钱,但不要鲁re

There needs to be a right winger, there needs to be a challenge at centre-forward, at left-back, definitely at goalkeeper and they need a centre-back, a top centre-back who can bring that level of domination to a defence like Virgil van Dijk does at Liverpool." Sound advice, good advice

需要有一名右路边锋,在中锋,左后卫,肯定在门将都需要挑战,他们需要一名中后卫,一名顶尖中后卫,才能将这种水平的统治带到防守上就像维吉尔·范·迪克(Virgil van Dijk)在利物浦所做的那样。

Problem was, only Chelsea listened


Whereas United, prior to a frantic Deadline Day, only signed a midfielder (the one position Neville did not list as requiring strengthening), Chelsea did everything that Neville said United needed to do - signing a new centre-forward (Timo Werner), a left-back (Ben Chilwell), a right winger (Kai Havertz), a goalkeeper (Edouard Mendy) and a "top" centre-back (Thiago Silva)


As Neville then had to ruefully note in early September when Tottenham won 6-1 at Old Trafford, those critical months of inaction over the summer were when "they grabbed defeat from victory"


Istanbul Basaksehir 2-1 Man Utd - Match reportMan Utd player ratings: Matic, Tuanzebe poor in IstanbulOle: Man Utd defending "unforgivable"The delayed return to the Premier League United returned to Premier League action just 34 days after losing to Sevilla in the Europa League with a laboured, heavy-legged defeat at home to a Crystal Palace side which had enjoyed a longer break and returned to action the week before


United"s poor display that afternoon was hardly out of keeping with those of Wolves, Chelsea and Man City in early September, all of whom also struggled on their return following a late Premier League restart


Premier League tableGet - All channels 23 a monthBut the problem for United is the impression they are still playing catch-up


Perhaps their delayed start will pay dividends further down the line


But the defeat to Palace has set a tone which United are still cursing now: their momentum punctured, their confidence plunged, the 0-0 draw with Chelsea still accounts for the only point accrued from their four Old Trafford outings so far this season


The failed pursuit of Jadon Sancho Opportunities arrive in a time of crisis, and Manchester United were one of a select group of football clubs with shoulders broad enough not only to weather the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic, but to actually come out the other side stronger

在危机时期对Jadon Sancho机会的追求失败,而曼联是一支精选足球俱乐部之一,其肩膀宽阔,不仅可以抵御冠状病毒大流行的经济影响,而且可以走出另一边更强

百度欧冠足球As leagues across Europe were being suspended and - in some cases - cancelled, revenue streams dried up and suddenly, the value of some of the best talent in European football plummeted


It prompted Solskjaer to declare Manchester United could "exploit" the transfer market back in April, and the prospect of luring long-term target Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund at a reduced rate made for fascinating reading


But United"s unwillingness to meet Dortmund"s valuation saw indecision haunt yet another transfer window


Their top target stayed put, Solskjaer was forced to backtrack on his initial comments, and a flurry of Deadline Day signings did little to appease calls for reinforcements


The lack of pace in defence As far as former United captain Neville was concerned, the pursuit of Sancho was way down on the list of priorities Solskjaer had to address in the summer


Despite keeping nine clean sheets during an unbeaten final 14-game run in the Premier League, establishing a defensive unit fit to shoulder a title challenge remained the ultimate objective


And the first 90-minute performance from Harry Maguire and Victor Lindelof only emboldened Neville"s claim

哈里·马奎尔(Harry Maguire)和维克多·林德洛夫(Victor Lindelof)的前90分钟表演,仅使内维尔的主张大胆

"We can talk about Sancho all we like but until Manchester United get a centre-back who can run and defend one-on-ones they are never going to win the league," he said after the 3-1 opening-day defeat to Crystal Palace


"They are never going to win the Premier League with that centre-back pairing." When Solskjaer listened to calls to inject some pace into his backline after it was given the run-around at Brighton, Maguire and new centre-back partner Eric Bailly shipped six goals against Tottenham in a shambolic, joint-heaviest home defeat in Premier League history


United looked to have turned the corner with back-to-back clean sheets against Chelsea and RB Leipzig after Neymar and Kylian Mbappe were nullified in a morale-boosting victory at Paris Saint-Germain, but defeat to Arsenal and the calamitous setback in Istanbul has undone that progress and left Solskjaer wondering who to entrust in defence


...And a lack of leadership? The accusation United lack leadership has gained traction all week


"I don"t see any leaders out there," Roy Keane told on Sunday after the 1-0 loss to Arsenal

罗伊·基恩(Roy Keane)在周日1-0输给阿森纳后说:“我看不到任何领导人。”

"There"s a real lack of quality


There"s a long way back for this club." While Maguire has bristled at the description, United"s extraordinary concession to Demba Ba on Wednesday in Turkey, when the entire United team were situated in the final 30 yards of the pitch, has inevitably raised more questions about the type of players that Solskjaer has at his disposal


The unsolved midfield conundrum On one hand there is United"s best player, and on the other there is the club"s record signing


On paper it makes for a mouth-watering meeting of minds and talent, but in reality this season Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba are yet to click


"They can"t play together


They are not a midfield and never will be." While Jamie Carragher"s damning verdict suggests the partnership has no future, the frequency with which Solskjaer has turned to Scott McTominay and Fred - and had success - tells its own story

他们不是中场,而且永远不会。”尽管杰米·卡拉格(Jamie Carragher)的残酷判决表明该伙伴关系没有前途,但索尔斯克亚(Solskjaer)求助于斯科特·麦克托米奈(Scott McTominay)和弗雷德(Fred)并取得成功的频率讲述了自己的故事

With Fernandes and Pogba the balance is off, their abundant creativity and quality offset by a neglection of responsibilities that leaves an already fragile defence exposed


And then, when you throw in the curious case of Donny van de Beek - the summer signing brought in to provide competition for United"s first-choice midfield pairing but who has yet to start a Premier League game - Solskjaer has issues mounting and few, if any, clear solutions to solve them

然后,当您提出奇怪的唐尼·范·德·贝克(Donny van de Beek)案时-夏季签约为曼联的首选中场配对提供了竞争,但谁尚未开始英超比赛-索尔斯克亚的问题越来越多,如果任何明确的解决方案来解决它们


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