Yannick Bolasie:埃弗顿边锋透露米德尔斯堡的举动已经结束

时间:2020-10-19 21:02:54

Yannick Bolasie has revealed his Deadline Day move from Everton to Middlesbrough has broken down

Yannick Bolasie透露他的“截止日期”从埃弗顿转会到米德尔斯堡的事件已经破裂

The 31-year-old winger was set to link up with Neil Warnock"s side and News reported yesterday that the Championship club were in talks to bring him to the Riverside on loan

这位31岁的边锋将与尼尔·沃诺克(Neil Warnock)的球队联系起来,《新闻》昨日报道说,冠军俱乐部正在商谈中,以借借将他带到虹口足球场羽毛球

Deadline Day 2: All the done dealsTransfer Centre LIVE!However, Bolasie has taken to Twitter to express his disappointment that a deal was not able to be ratified before the domestic deadline

截止日期2:所有已完成的交易Transfer Center LIVE!但是,Bolasie已对Twitter表示失望,因为该交易未能在国内截止日期之前批准

It is not yet known why the deal was unable to be completed in time


"Disappointed the deal couldn"t get done in time...signed & sent off, waited till 19.00 with real hope," Bolasie said


"From my end I know I was willing to give up a lot...all I wanna do is say thank you to Neil Warnock (appreciate you so much) and wish Middlesbrough all the best this season

“从一开始我就知道我愿意放弃很多……我只想对尼尔·沃诺克(Neil Warnock)表示感谢(非常感谢),并祝米德尔斯堡本赛季一切顺利

"But now my focus is back on Everton & continuing to work hard every day like I have been & if I"m called upon I"ll be ready to do whatever is necessary


Real ones know I speak from the heart nothing more nothing less." Bolasie was one of the Everton players given permission by Carlo Ancelotti to find a move away from Goodison Park in the current transfer window

真正的人知道我发自内心的发言,无非就是如此。” Bolasie是卡洛·安切洛蒂(Carlo Ancelotti)允许在目前的转会窗口中离开古迪森公园的转会埃弗顿球员之一

He will now remain with the Toffees until at least January, when the winter window is set to reopen



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