格雷格·克拉克(Greg Clarke)辞职:足协主席马克·布林汉姆(Mark Bullingham)承诺新主席的入围名单多种多样

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FA chief executive Mark Bullingham says the governing body hopes to appoint a new chairman by the end of March 2021 and has promised an open and diverse recruitment process

英联邦航空首席执行官马克·布林汉姆(Mark Bullingham)表示,理事机构希望在2021年3月底前任命新主席,并承诺开放和多元化的招聘流程

Greg Clarke resigned as FA chairman on Tuesday after he used the phrase "coloured footballers" while giving evidence to MPs家用游戏菜单

格雷格·克拉克(Greg Clarke)周二辞去了足总主席的职务,此前他在给国会议员作证时使用了“有色足球运动员”一词家用游戏菜单

Clarke apologised and accepted his remarks were "unacceptable"


Former FA chairman David Bernstein told News he does not have total confidence the shortlist will be diverse and inclusive but Bullingham says they will follow the Diversity Code

前足总主席戴维·伯恩斯坦(David Bernstein)告诉新闻界,他没有完全信心入围名单将是多样且包容的,但布勒汉姆表示,他们将遵循多样性准则

"With other board directors, (interim chairman) Peter (McCormick) and I are finalising the process for recruiting a new independent chair of the FA," Bullingham said in a statement


"Our aim is to have one in place by the end of the first quarter


Our process will be open and conform to the Diversity Code, ensuring that we are able to select the best candidate from a diverse talent pool." Bullingham added: "Greg Clarke stepped down from the role as FA chairman yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, acknowledging that some of his words in the Select Committee hearing were unacceptable and offensive

我们的流程将是开放的,并符合《多样性准则》,确保我们能够从多元化的人才库中选择最佳人选。” Bullingham补充说:“格雷格·克拉克(Greg Clarke)昨天(星期二)下午卸任足协主席一职,他在专责委员会听证会上的某些言论令人无法接受且令人反感

"We respect his decision and are clear that his words simply do not reflect the views of the FA, our people and the organisation we are today


"We are committed to playing a lead role in actively enhancing equality and diversity across English football, whilst steadfastly challenging and tackling all forms of discrimination." Bullingham said the FA was "on a journey" to improve diversity both within the organisation and the wider game


"Our published "In Pursuit of Progress" plan has helped us to create a far more inclusive and diverse organisation," he said


"Our work on the Football Leadership Diversity Code has taken many elements of this plan, such as published targets for ethnic and gender diversity, to drive change throughout the game


"We have consistently reduced our gender pay gap to be far smaller than many organisations and have a very small ethnicity pay gap


We are investing record amounts in the women"s game, which remains one of our top priorities


"While all of this is progress, we would be the first to accept that we have more to do


We are committed to further progress and will continue to transparently publish our plans and targets." Bernstein doubts FA shortlist will be "diverse and inclusive"David Bernstein, who was FA chairman from 2011 to 2013, has called on an independent regulator to implement sweeping reforms at the governing body of English football家用游戏菜单

我们致力于进一步的进步,并将继续透明地公布我们的计划和目标。”伯恩斯坦怀疑足协入围名单将是“多元化和包容性的”。大卫·伯恩斯坦(David Bernstein)曾于2011年至2013年担任足总主席,他呼吁独立监管机构实施全面的监管。英国足球管理机构的改革家用游戏菜单

When asked if he was confident the shortlist for Clarke"s successor will be diverse and inclusive, Bernstein replied: "Not total confidence, no


"They must be in shock following what"s happened so there will be an awareness of what needs to be done


But the FA is an organisation very resistant to change


"The FA Council is still not representative of this country as it is in 2020

“ FA理事会仍然无法代表该国,因为它在2020年

In a way, if that isn"t right, if the structure and independence of the FA is not strong enough, these issues are much more difficult to deal with and the problems we had yesterday are more likely to occur


It may be that they are learning from this


"They have to take diversity on board, and I don"t doubt that they will


But the point I"m making is that, whoever gets that position is set up to fail, in my view, with the structure that they have to deal with


We need to get the structure and the organisation sorted out to help a progressive Chair of the FA do what needs to be done


"A fish rots from the head


If the head of the organisation is not modernised and up-to-date and forward-thinking, then these sorts of things will happen, inevitably." Dyke: Don"t take job if you want to change the FA In a wide-ranging interview former FA chairman Greg Dyke told News he was shocked at the language used by Clarke who succeeded him

如果组织的负责人不是现代化的,最新的,具有前瞻性的,那么不可避免地会发生这些事情。” Dyke:如果您想在广泛的范围内更换FA,请不要从事采访前足总主席格雷格·戴克(Greg Dyke)告诉新闻,他为继他之后的克拉克所使用的语言感到震惊

"He said some things he shouldn"t have said


You sat there thinking, "Why is he saying that?! Why would you use that language?!" Everybody knows you can"t use that language


"I don"t know whether he was pushed or he genuinely resigned himself but I just think it"s sad when people"s careers end in that way." Greg Clarke resigns as FA chairmanBeing black in football: Past, present and futureTyrone Mings backs Leadership Diversity CodeDyke was chairman between 2013 and 2016 and did not seek re-election after being frustrated by the lack of reform

“我不知道他是否被逼了,还是他真正地辞职了,但我只是觉得当人们的职业生涯以这种方式结束时,这很可悲。”格雷格·克拉克(Greg Clarke)辞去足协主席的职务过去,现在和未来都是黑人

On the FA"s structure, he said: "I thought for some time the whole structure of regulation of football in this country needs to change


家用游戏菜单"The whole governance structure of the FA is desperately in need of change


I tried and failed miserably when I was chair


I don"t think Greg [Clarke] has pushed it any further


"The old blokes are all still there


I suspect the FA will do nothing other than find someone else who sits there and chairs the meetings, and doesn"t get a lot done." And Dyke has some bold advice about anyone who is in line to replace Clarke


"My advice to them is "Don"t take the job!"


If you like being a chair and has lots of nice trips and sees a lot good football, fine, take it


"If you want to reform the organisation and the structure of English football, don"t bother


I left with quite a bleak view of the organisation of football when I stopped being chairman of the FA a few years back" "I hope they look for people who aren"t (male, middle-aged, white) and that"s part of the process"



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