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EFL clubs have voted to allow teams five substitutions per match, starting on Friday in the Sky Bet Championship game between Coventry and Birmingham

EFL俱乐部已投票决定允许球队每场比赛五次换人,从周五开始,在考文垂和伯明翰之间进行的Sky Bet Championship比赛中

In August, Premier League clubs voted against allowing teams to make five substitutions per game in the 2020/21 season


The English top flight is the only major European league that decided against continuing with the system this season, used towards the end of the last term after the coronavirus pandemic truncated the length of the 2019/20 campaign


The Premier League is not expected to reintroduce the five-substitute rule this season despite some strong support from at least half of its clubs, following a survey of the clubs by News earlier this month


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola have both complained the decision to reduce substitutes to three despite difficulties brought on by the pandemic is partly responsible for a spate of muscular injuries across the top flight大金湖

利物浦主教练尤尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)和曼城老板瓜迪瓜拉(Pep Guardiola)均抱怨尽管大流行带来了困难,但决定将替补人数减少到三人的部分原因是整个飞行过程中一系列肌肉受伤大金湖

Download the Scores App: Apple|AndroidThe UK"s No 1 scores app: Find out moreKlopp said earlier this month it is a "necessity" for clubs to have five substitutes per match in the Premier League, while Guardiola labelled the current three subs limit a "disaster"

下载分数应用程序:Apple | Android英国排名第一的分数应用程序:了解更多信息克洛普本月初表示,俱乐部在英超联赛中每场比赛必须有五名替补球员是“必要的”,而瓜迪奥拉则将目前的三名替补球员限制为“灾害”

Southgate urges Premier League to reconsider sub rule England manager Gareth Southgate has also called on the Premier League to revisit their rules regarding substitutions


"We were able to make five changes against Belgium - we made four in the end - and clubs don"t have that option," Southgate said


"What will it take for that to change? There were a couple of less serious injuries against Belgium but what do we do? Wait until we get a load of really nasty ones?" Southgate, who is also unhappy at the lack of a winter break this season, said England had taken measures to try and help players recover physically but he worries the issue will persist if something is not done soon


"I have to be fair to the club managers


They are their players firstly and they have the right to play them as they see fit," he added


"(Injuries are) a worry in the longer term because with no winter break, something has to give."



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