艾伦·史密斯(Alan Smith)说,米克尔·阿特塔(Mikel Arteta)仍在寻找阿森纳

时间:2020-12-12 10:59:36

Arsenal travel to Leeds on Sunday on the back of three defeats from four - so where have things not been clicking for Mikel Arteta"s side? Arsenal were thumped 3-0 by Aston Villa at the Emirates Stadium before the international break with the same line-up which had won at Manchester United barely a week before, with defeats to Leicester and Manchester City in other recent games leaving them 11th in the table after eight games

阿森纳周日在四战三败的情况下前往利兹-那么对于米克尔·阿泰塔(Mikel Arteta)来说,还有什么地方不值得期待?在国际比赛之前,阿斯顿维拉在阿联酋球场被阿斯顿维拉以3-0的比分击败,而在国际比赛之前,曼联仅在一周前在曼联赢得了同样的阵容,在最近的其他比赛中击败了莱斯特和曼城,他们在阿森纳的比赛中排名第11。八场比赛后的桌子

The Gunners have conceded fewer goals than they had this time in 2019/20, but then sat third in the table, only a point behind eventual runners-up City


But one season later, a lack of goals - and none from open play in their last four league games - have left them as the third-lowest scorers outside the bottom three


Listen to the Pitch to Post Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox Mikel Arteta: Arsenal "a long way" from desired levelSead Kolasinac tests positive for coronavirusPierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Gabon team sleep on floor pundit Alan Smith, who netted 115 goals across eight seasons for Arsenal himself, puts his old club"s toothlessness down to Arteta still developing the team"s tactical balance between defence and attack ahead of the trip to Leeds this Sunday, live on Premier League

收听音高以在以下位置播客:Spotify |苹果| Castbox Mikel Arteta:阿森纳“离理想水平还有很长的路要走” Sead Kolasinac对冠状病毒的检测呈阳性Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang和加蓬队的车手是Alan Smith,他在八个赛季中为阿森纳本赛季贡献了115个进球,这使他的老东家无牙归咎于Arteta在本周日的利兹之旅之前,仍在英超联赛中保持球队在防守与进攻之间的战术平衡

"The accent there on the training ground has been on organisation, defensive resolve, not being an easy touch, which he has certainly achieved," Smith told the Pitch to Post preview podcast


"Villa beat them convincingly on the night before the international break, but this season you know what you"re going to get defensively from Arsenal


"When you do work so hard on something like that, quite often your attacking edge can get blunted and we"ve seen that


It"s striking the right balance between the two, and it"s a long-term process


"I"m sure Mikel Arteta would like to add to the players he"s already got; Willian"s come in and not quite reached the levels he had at Chelsea, Pepe is hot and cold, for plus Liverpool"s injury crisis, and secrets to Saints" success Alan Smith joins Peter Smith on this week"s Pitch to Post Preview Podcast to discuss Pep Guardiola"s new Man City contract, Tottenham"s title hopes and what"s going wrong at Arsenal

“我敢肯定,迈克·阿尔泰塔(Mikel Arteta)希望增加他已经拥有的球员;威利安(Willian)进来并没有达到他在切尔西的水平,佩佩(Pepe)又冷又热,再加上利物浦的伤病危机以及圣徒取得成功的秘密艾伦·史密斯(Alan Smith)和彼得·史密斯(Peter Smith)一起参加了本周的“ Pitch to Post Preview Podcast”,讨论瓜迪奥拉的新曼城合同,托特纳姆热刺的希望以及阿森纳发生了什么

资讯交流网Plus, News reporter Vinny O"Connor has the latest on Liverpool"s growing injury list ahead of their clash with Leicester, and his colleague Mark McAdam lifts the lid on Southampton"s strong start to the season

资讯交流网另外,新闻记者温尼·奥康纳(Vinny O"Connor)在与莱切斯特发生冲突之前,获得了利物浦不断增加的伤病名单上的最新消息,而他的同事马克·麦克亚当(Mark McAdam)则为南安普敦本赛季的强劲开局奠定了基础

And football journalist Ron Walker talks Leicester and West Ham, and makes his Pitch for what will happen in the Premier League this weekend

足球记者罗恩·沃克(Ron Walker)与莱斯特和西汉姆进行会谈,并就本周末英超联赛的情况发表自己的看法

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