阿伯丁主席戴夫·科马克(Dave Cormack)因缺乏动静让球迷重返比赛而感到沮丧

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Aberdeen chairman Dave Cormack claims Scottish football fans are being treated "unfairly" following the rejection of the club"s application for more test events with the return of supporters

阿伯丁主席戴夫·科马克(Dave Cormack)称,由于支持者的返回,俱乐部拒绝了更多测试活动的申请,苏格兰足球迷受到“不公平”待遇

The Dons had been hoping to bring fans back to Pittodrie safely but the Scottish Government has continued to tighten Covid-19 restrictions


Given the developments in England which have seen a return of supporters in some stadiums, Cormack believes football in Scotland is being left in the wilderness


Scottish Premiership: More live games on in New YearDundee Utd wait on player availability after Covid-19 outbreakSt Mirren to challenge Covid-19 sanctionsCormack said in a club statement: "It"s now very clear that Scottish football and its fans are being treated unfairly with the rejection correspondence, once again, avoiding answering the key question as to why indoor events in Level 2, with less regulation, are being favoured over the stringent, safe and highly regulated protocols we have in place at our stadium

苏格兰足球超级联赛:在Covid-19爆发后,新的比赛将在Dundee Utd举行,等待球员的可用性圣米伦(St Mirren)挑战Covid-19的制裁。科尔马克在俱乐部声明中说:“现在非常清楚,苏格兰足球及其球迷受到了不公平对待 拒绝通信,再一次避免了回答以下关键问题:为什么我们在体育场采用的严格,安全和高度监管的协议会偏向于较少监管的2级室内赛事

"We have compared the criteria in place for a range of other venues, all of which are indoors and open in Level 2, against the stringent controls at our stadium


"This stark comparison reveals that fans would be far safer in an outdoor stadium, yet we are still waiting, months later, for the Scottish Government to provide any clinical evidence to support their decision


瓷都信息港同城游"Any independent observer would seriously struggle to understand why the Scottish Government continues to reject our carefully-researched and detailed application


"Despite the devastating financial impact of the lock-out and, encouraged by (national clinical director) Jason Leitch, Scottish football clubs have invested considerable resources in robust operational planning to gradually readmit fans safely


瓷都信息港同城游"At Aberdeen, we have spent around 30,000 on putting these in place


"Jason Leitch himself told the SPFL and Premiership clubs that outdoor activities were safer than indoor activities yet our successful, safe test events with 300 fans now seem pointless if there is no progression plan in place, even in Level 1

“ Jason Leitch自己告诉SPFL和Premiership俱乐部,室外活动比室内活动更安全,但是即使没有1级升级计划,我们现在成功的安全测试活动也没有意义,只有300名球迷参加,这似乎毫无意义。

"We have repeatedly asked for clarification and meetings with him and ministers, yet our requests continue to be ignored


Surely, clubs and our fans are due an explanation as to why they"ve done a U-turn." Cormack added some 90 per cent of fans surveyed wanted a return to Pittodrie

当然,俱乐部和我们的球迷都应该对为什么他们掉头表示解释。” Cormack补充说,接受调查的球迷中有90%希望返回Pittodrie

"We are committed to standing up for our fans and continue to push for their return to football to give them a bit of relief, joy and hope, many of whom live for football and who are consequently suffering from isolation, loneliness, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues," he said

“我们致力于为球迷们站起来,并继续推动他们重返足球界,以给他们带来些许慰藉,喜悦和希望,其中许多人为足球而生活,并因此而遭受孤立,孤独,焦虑,沮丧。 和其他精神健康问题,”他说

"Yes, it costs to put on these games with limited crowds, but it"s well worth it for our fans


"We"ve got our fans" backs on this and we"re not going to be fobbed off easily." SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster feels clubs are being left "increasingly bemused, frustrated and angry at the Scottish Government"s stance"

“我们已经得到了粉丝们的支持,我们也不会轻易退缩。” SPFL首席执行官尼尔·唐卡斯特(Neil Doncaster)感到俱乐部“对苏格兰政府的立场越来越感到困惑,沮丧和愤怒”

Doncaster said: "Fans should gradually be allowed back under very controlled circumstances


"The social, clinical and economic evidence is being dismissed by the Scottish Government


"How can it be fair or reasonable that you can currently watch a football game in a cinema in Aberdeen, yet cannot attend a socially-distanced, carefully controlled football match outdoors in the same city? "The fact that Scottish football fans can now see thousands of English supporters attending matches at dozens of grounds down south is rubbing salt in the wounds." When contacted by News, the Scottish Government replied: "We understand the importance of fans returning to stadiums but any decisions must be taken in the context of the restrictions in place to control coronavirus (Covid-19)

“您现在可以在阿伯丁的电影院观看足球比赛,却又不能参加在同一城市户外进行社交活动,经过精心控制的足球比赛,这是一种公平或合理的做法?”苏格兰足球迷现在可以看到这一事实 数千名英国支持者在南部数十个场地参加比赛,这在伤口上撒了盐。”当新闻联系时,苏格兰政府回答:“我们了解球迷重返体育场的重要性,但任何决定都必须在以下情况下做出: 控制冠状病毒的适当限制(Covid-19)

"Fans, in limited numbers, can attend stadiums in areas under level 1 and the best way to get fans back is to reduce the prevalence of the virus


"As the First Minister confirmed to parliament last week, we will continue to engage with sporting bodies whose revenue is being impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic


"We hope to bring our financial support package to fruition in the near future."



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