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A defeat to Manchester City on the back of Tuesday"s Champions League exit would have been brutal for Manchester United


But with the pressure on, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer once again came up with a way to stop Pep Guardiola

但面对压力,Ole Gunnar Solskjaer再次提出了阻止瓜迪奥拉的方法

The United boss described his team"s display as their best performance against their neighbours since he"s been in charge


That is debatable, given their victories home and away against City last season, but after the nightmare against RB Leipzig in midweek it was certainly an important one


The game itself was far from memorable


Few Manchester derbies have produced such little excitement across the 90 minutes


But an evening of calm may just have suited Solskjaer right now


A chance to breathe, to reset and to now attack a run of winnable games over the Christmas period法国足球明星

在圣诞节期间呼吸,重设和现在开始进攻一系列赢钱游戏的机会 法国足球明星

Ironically, it was Solskjaer"s most frequent causes of concern which delivered him some respite on Saturday


David de Gea shrugged off questions about his status as No1 to save crucially from Riyad Mahrez

大卫·德·吉亚(David de Gea)摆脱了关于自己身为第一名的问题,以挽救来自里亚德·马赫雷斯(Riyad Mahrez)

Harry Maguire and Victor Lindelof, the much-criticised centre-halves, won their battles, with the former making key blocks to deny Gabriel Jesus and Kevin De Bruyne

备受批评的中锋哈里·马奎尔(Harry Maguire)和维克多·林德尔洛夫(Victor Lindelof)赢得了战斗,前者是否认加百利·耶稣和凯文·德·布鲁因的关键人物

The full-backs, Luke Shaw and Aaron Wan-Bissaka, again failed to ignite in attack but marshalled their wingers well


Ahead of them, and alongside the reliable holding pair of Scott McTominay and Fred, Paul Pogba and Mason Greenwood bought into their unusual, unexpected wide roles in a midfield four

在他们之前,与可靠的一对斯科特·麦克托米奈(Scott McTominay)和弗雷德(Fred)一起,保罗·波格巴(Paul Pogba)和梅森·格林伍德(Mason Greenwood)加入了他们在中场四人中不同寻常,出乎意料的广泛角色

Pogba, not unusually, had been a major talking point before kick-off, following comments earlier this week from his agent that he "had to change teams" in the upcoming transfer window


But the Frenchman, out on the left, showed a discipline and determination to fit into this set-up


Only the impressive McTominay gained possession more times than Pogba for United


On the other side of midfield, Greenwood weighed in with four tackles


No United player made more


This caution-first approach, of course, had ramifications at the other end, blunting United"s attack


Greenwood and Marcus Rashford did not get a touch in the Man City box until well into the second half

格林伍德和马库斯·拉什福德(Marcus Rashford)直到下半场才进入曼城的比赛

The hosts only managed two shots on target in total


That lack of action on the front foot would have been even more keenly felt if Old Trafford had been packed with home fans looking to be entertained on a freezing December day

如果Old Trafford挤满了希望在寒冷的12月天娱乐的主场球迷,那将更加敏锐地感觉到前脚的动作不足。

But yet, had Rashford been onside when he ran through and won a penalty from Kyle Walker at the start of the second half, that would have changed the verdict too


Ultimately, Solskjaer and his team knew they had to deliver a needs-must display when defeat would have done real damage, not only to their league position, but also morale


They achieved that objective


"I thought defensively we were excellent


Delighted with the defensive shape," said Solskjaer afterwards

防守状态令人高兴,” Solskjaer随后说

"Then again with the ball we didn"t create as much as we wanted to." Man Utd 0-0 Man City - Match report and highlightsManchester derby player ratingsGary Neville: Man City look boredHow the teams lined up | Match statsPremier League table | Fixtures | ResultsThis United side have a long way to go before they can combine both aspects consistently

“然后再用球,我们并没有创造出我们想要的那么多。” 曼联0-0曼城-比赛报告和亮点曼彻斯特德比球员排名加里·内维尔:曼城看上去很无聊,球队如何排队| 比赛统计高级联赛表| 治具| 结果美联储在将两个方面保持一致之前还有很长的路要走

It has been a frustration of their season that from game-to-game, and even half-to-half, they can lurch from brilliant to bewildering法国足球明星

他们的赛季令人沮丧,因为从一场比赛到一半甚至一半的比赛,他们都能从辉煌转为困惑 法国足球明星

But in this derby - regardless of their opponents" own failings, with City lacklustre in the extreme - United came together to recover from Tuesday"s hammer blow


Next up is bottom-of-the-league Sheffield United


Then a Leeds team who have lost four out of six


If United can back this result up with consecutive victories, perhaps this dire derby will be looked back on as the moment United regained a foothold in their season


It won"t be remembered for much else



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