QPR 0-0斯托克城:篮筐在伦敦西部的单打比赛中获得积分

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Struggling QPR are without a win in six matches after a 0-0 draw at home to Stoke


Rangers have won just one of their past nine games - a run which has included five defeats and resulted in them sliding towards the Sky Bet Championship relegation zone卫视体育台湾

游骑兵仅赢了过去九场比赛中的一场,其中包括五场失败,导致他们滑向“天空投注冠军”保级区 卫视体育台湾

They struggled to create clear-cut chances against injury-hit Stoke, who defended well and were mostly comfortable


QPR"s best chance fell to Lyndon Dykes after lovely work on the right flank by Ilias Chair after 11 minutes

在11分钟之后,由Ilias Chair在右翼进行漂亮的工作后,QPR的最佳机会落到了Lyndon Dykes

Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet Chair delivered the ball in low towards the Scotland striker, who was unable to score from four yards

冠军赛器材| 桌子| Get Chair将球向低位射向苏格兰前锋,后者无法从四码得分

At first it seemed that Dykes was guilty of an inexplicable miss


However, an all-important touch from Stoke defender Nathan Collins slightly altered the course of the ball before it reached Dykes, causing him to slice wide of the target


Chair was the stand-out player in the first half, sending one shot over and another wide as the home side threatened


It was a totally different story after the interval, with Stoke putting Rangers under sustained pressure and almost going ahead


Harry Souter lifted the ball towards Josh Tymon, who was denied at point-blank range by Seny Dieng

哈里·苏特(Harry Souter)将球推向乔什·泰蒙(Josh Tymon),后者被塞尼·迪恩(Seny Dieng)在近距离射门得分

Keeper Dieng showed superb reflexes to keep out Tymon"s shot and the ball then ricocheted off Rangers defender Todd Kane and onto the crossbar

守门员迪恩(Keeper Dieng)表现出极高的反应力,阻止泰蒙(Tymon)的射门,随后皮球从游骑兵队的后卫托德·凯恩(Todd Kane)弹射而出,飞向横梁

With 20 minutes remaining, Nick Powell missed a great chance for Stoke when he headed over from Morgan Fox"s left-wing cross

剩下20分钟的时间,尼克·鲍威尔(Nick Powell)离开摩根·福克斯(Morgan Fox)的左翼传球时错过了斯托克的绝好机会

Dieng was called into action again late on, diving to his right to keep out a low shot from Potters substitute Jordan Thompson

Dieng后来又被要求采取行动,向右跳水,以阻止Potters替补Jordan Thompson的低射

Rangers" season has been blighted by a tendency to miss chances and then concede goals after a defensive lapse


A clean sheet and a point after two successive home defeats will be some consolation for boss Mark Warburton


But it was another frustrating game for the west London side, who lack a cutting edge up front


Dykes has established himself as Scotland"s number nine but has yet to reproduce his international form for his club, scoring just one goal in open play since his summer move from Livingston


Rangers" wastefulness was summed up in stoppage time when Chris Willock blasted wide after more good work by the always lively Chair, who sent a wayward effort well over the bar in the final seconds

克里斯·威洛克(Chris Willock)在总是活泼的椅子进行了更多出色的工作之后,将游骑兵的浪费总结为停工时间,后者在最后几秒钟内在酒吧上做出了任性的努力


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