Mikel Arteta:尽管俱乐部最困难的一年之一,我仍然喜欢在阿森纳效力

时间:2020-12-18 18:51:11

Mikel Arteta insists he still loves being in football management despite describing his first year in charge at Arsenal as one of the year most difficult in the club"s history

Mikel Arteta坚持认为,尽管将自己在阿森纳任职的第一年描述为俱乐部历史上最艰难的一年,但他仍然热爱足球管理。

Arteta celebrates his one-year anniversary as Arsenal manager on Sunday, following Saturday"s trip to face Everton at Goodison Park, live on

阿塔塔(Arteta)在周六前往古迪逊公园(Goodison Park)面对埃弗顿(Everton)的旅行后,于周日庆祝阿森纳经理一周年。

The Spaniard says structural changes at the Emirates over the past 12 months have shaken the foundations of the club, and while the first half of the year was punctuated with success in the FA Cup and Community Shield, recent form in the Premier League has taken the shine off their progress

西班牙人说,过去12个月中阿联酋的结构性变化动摇了俱乐部的基础,而今年上半年因足总杯和社区盾取得成功而打了水漂,但英超联赛的最新形式已经 大放异彩

"It has been one of the most challenging years of the club"s history, for many different reasons


I believe we have made a lot of progress and implemented positive changes that have worked well," he said


Still more questions than answers for ArsenalMikel Arteta: We shot ourselves in the foot"We have gone through structural changes all across the club that has shaken the club big time

问题多于对阿森纳的答案:阿克塔尔(Mikel Arteta):“我们开枪打脚”“我们经历了整个俱乐部的结构变化,这震惊了俱乐部。

id8888 "The highlight of the year is the two trophies and the most disappointing thing is that we have not had our fans with us to take us through these difficult moments


"It could have been a really positive year but the recent form in the Premier League has taken the gloss off what we have done this year


We have to accept our Premier League form has not been good enough." Arteta says he loves being in the dugout despite a tumultuous first year in the role which has also been compounded by the challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic


He said: "I know how difficult this job can be in normal conditions


When you get to a club that goes through what we have in a year and on top of that we have a pandemic which is affecting the whole industry


id8888To do your profession is even more challenging


"At the same time I"m telling you I love what I do and I feel so lucky and privileged to be at this football club


The circumstances and context are what they are, we have to face them."



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