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Aberdeen secured an important 2-0 win against Kilmarnock to continue their remarkable record in Ayrshire


The Dons have not lost at Rugby Park in over nine years since a 2-0 defeat on December 3 2011 when Craig Brown was in charge

自2011年12月3日克雷格·布朗(Craig Brown)执掌2-0失利以来,唐斯(Dons)九年来没有在橄榄球公园失利

A tedious first half passed without incident before Ryan Hedges" deflected strike handed Aberdeen a 52nd-minute lead

在Ryan Hedges的偏斜罢工将阿伯丁领先52分钟之前,一个乏味的上半场毫无意外地过去了

After Brandon Haunstrup was shown a red card for hauling back Sam Cosgrove in stoppage time, the Dons striker stepped up to fire an emphatic free-kick past Danny Rogers to seal all three points for the visitors

布兰登·豪斯特鲁普(Brandon Haunstrup)被示为在补时阶段拖回山姆·科斯格罗夫(Sam Cosgrove)的红牌后,顿斯前锋加紧射门,向丹尼·罗杰斯(Danny Rogers)大力踢出任意球,将三分锁定

Kilmarnock are now without a point in their last three games, have failed to score in six of their last seven league fixtures and look over-reliant on 37-year-old Chris Burke to provide creativity

基尔马诺克队在最近的三场比赛中都没有得分,在过去的七场联赛中没有六场得分,并且过分依赖37岁的克里斯·伯克(Chris Burke)提供创造力

Find out more about | Latest channel offerScottish Premiership - latest news and featuresMore live Scottish Premiership games on in New YearThere were few real chances in the first half but Aberdeen spurned an early opening after just three minutes

了解更多有关| 最新的频道报价苏格兰超级联赛-最新新闻和功能新年期间会有更多的苏格兰超级联赛现场直播上半场真正的机会很少,但阿伯丁在仅仅三分钟后就拒绝了提早开放

Joe Lewis sent a free-kick straight down the middle of the park and Connor McLennan raced onto the ball but fired wide

乔·刘易斯(Joe Lewis)在公园正中央送出一脚任意球,康纳·麦克伦南(Connor McLennan)上篮得分,但射门偏出

Kilmarnock almost broke the deadlock on the stroke of half-time when Burke fired a dangerous ball across goal but, with Greg Kiltie lurking menacingly at the back post, Matty Kennedy had to be alert to divert the ball behind for a corner


Aberdeen grabbed the opening goal in fortuitous fashion shortly afterwards


Hedges collected the ball and drove forward before unleashing a fierce shot that took a wicked deflection off Stuart Findlay and past the despairing dive of Rogers诚信娱乐下载

树篱收集球并且向前推进,然后释放猛烈的射门,使斯图尔特·芬德利(Stuart Findlay)发生了严重的偏转,并越过了罗杰斯的绝望潜水 诚信娱乐下载

The Ayrshire side had a couple of tentative penalty shouts from consecutive corners before Curtis Main impressively cleared an Eamonn Brophy cross, that was drifting goalwards, off the line

在柯蒂斯·美因特(Curtis Main)令人惊讶地清除了一个Eamonn Brophy传中线后,在向前移动时,艾尔郡一侧的连贯角球有几次尝试性的罚球。

Cosgrove wasted a glorious opportunity to seal the three points for Aberdeen after 84 minutes


The second-half substitute was sent through by an exquisite touch by Hedges but the 24-year-old"s finish was weak and Rogers made a good save with his foot


There was no lack of effort from Killie but they failed to truly test Lewis, with Brophy sending a typically ambitious strike just over the crossbar in the 88th minute


Substitute Haunstrup only lasted five minutes before he hauled back Cosgrove as he raced clear on goal in the third minute of stoppage time


It was Kilmarnock"s fifth red card of the season and Cosgrove inflicted further pain by slamming the subsequent free-kick past Rogers to add gloss to Aberdeen"s win


What"s next?Aberdeen now go to Motherwell on Wednesday at 6.15pm in the Scottish Premiership, while Kilmarnock are at Dundee United at 6.30pm, also on Wednesday



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