特伦特·亚历山大·阿诺德(Trent Alexander-Arnold)在中场:如果英格兰坚持3-4-3的阵型,利物浦后卫是否应该承担新的角色?

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Trent Alexander-Arnold has become a star at Liverpool as a right-back

特伦特·亚历山大·阿诺德(Trent Alexander-Arnold)以右后卫的身份成为利物浦的明星

首都体育学院图书馆But with Gareth Southgate switching England to a wing-back formation and Reece James impressing in that position against Denmark, could Alexander-Arnold be the solution to the team"s midfield creativity problem? That was a suggestion posed by pundit Jamie Redknapp after watching James shine on his full debut for his country at right wing-back, despite England going down to a disappointing 1-0 defeat to Denmark at Wembley on Wednesday

首都体育学院图书馆但是随着加雷斯·索斯盖特(Gareth Southgate)将英格兰转为边后卫编队,而里斯·詹姆斯(Reece James)在对阵丹麦的比赛中印象深刻,亚历山大·阿诺德(Alexander-Arnold)能否成为球队中场创造力问题的解决方案?这是专家杰米·雷德克纳普(Jamie Redknapp)提出的建议,尽管詹姆斯周三在温布利(Wombley)输给丹麦,令人失望的1-0输给丹麦

Alexander-Arnold watched the loss from the stands, having played just 79 minutes during the international break and not looking at his best at right wing-back against Belgium


While England have a deep pool of talent in that full-back/wing-back position, they have been criticised for lacking invention in central midfield, with Southgate picking Declan Rice and Kalvin Phillips as his midfield pairing against Denmark


Redknapp believes Alexander-Arnold - who played in central midfield as a youth team player - has the attributes to step inside and reckons the 22-year-old could then take up similar positions to Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne

雷德克纳普(Redknapp)相信亚历山大-阿诺德(Alexander-Arnold)是青年队的中场球员,他具有进入球队的特质,并认为22岁的他可以担任与曼彻斯特中场球员凯文·德布鲁因(Kevin De Bruyne)类似的职位

"I"ll throw one out here now, what if we were to play Trent Alexander-Arnold in that midfield position? Get him on that right side [of the two central midfielders]


He could play there easily," said Redknapp


"I"m reshaping the team: you could play Declan Rice at the back, Reece James at right [wing]-back, Trent there

“我正在重塑球队:您可以在后排踢Declan Rice,在右后排踢Reece James,在Trent

"I think get him on that right-hand side with his quality, his defence, his athleticism


Then you can get both [Alexander-Arnold and James] in the team


"What I"m trying to see with this England team is getting good players in central positions


"That position there, Kevin De Bruyne operates in that area because he knows there"s a space that gets vacated for someone like him to do his magic首都体育学院图书馆

“在那个位置,凯文·德·布鲁因(Kevin De Bruyne)在该地区工作,因为他知道这里有一个空位可供像他这样的人做魔术首都体育学院图书馆

"Because he"s got such a good brain, Trent, he could play there


Right-backs are so clever now with what they do they can play any position on the pitch


They see the cross, they can see the pass as well." Not suited to wing-back?Redknapp pointed to Philipp Lahm and David Alaba as examples of full-backs who have been successful in midfield, and argued the role of a wing-back is different to right-back


首都体育学院图书馆"With Trent"s ability as a right-back, it might not actually suit him as a right wing-back," said Redknapp


"I was talking to Ashley Cole the other day and said, "surely you"d have loved to play as a wing-back" and he said "no, I wouldn"t have liked it


首都体育学院图书馆I wanted to come onto things later." "He"s such a good footballer, I"ve seen him play centrally sometimes for Liverpool

首都体育学院图书馆我想稍后再谈。” “他是如此出色的足球运动员,我看过他有时会为利物浦集中踢球

You could play him anywhere


England 0-1 Denmark - Match report and highlightsHow England and Denmark lined up | Match statsGet Nations League table | Fixtures | Results"When you think about Alaba when he played at Bayern Munich and Lahm, when he went and played central midfield


"We haven"t got that many quality players in that central midfield position


I think it"s something you could try and it might work." Scott: James and Alexander-Arnold can push each other onFellow pundit Alex Scott, who won 140 caps for England Women at right-back, agreed the challenges of full-back and wing-back are different but used the example of Lucy Bronze as a player who excelled at right-back but struggled to have the same impact in midfield

我认为这是您可以尝试的方法,并且可能会起作用。”斯科特:詹姆斯和亚历山大·阿诺德可以互相推动。资深专家亚历克斯·斯科特(Alex Scott)为右后卫赢得了140枚英格兰女排冠军,他同意后卫和侧翼的挑战后卫不同,但以露西·古铜(Lucy Bronze)为例,他擅长右后卫,但努力在中场发挥同样的影响

She believes James" performances can actually raise Alexander-Arnold"s level higher, too


"This is a tough one," she said


"It actually happened with the England women"s team with Lucy Bronze


The best right-back in the world首都体育学院图书馆


"Moved Lucy Bronze into midfield and didn"t work


She was OK in midfield but you"ve taken a world-class right-back and she"s just OK in the game


"As a right-back, I knew I had the space in front of me


I knew when I had to make those runs onto it


So when you move, it"s a totally different game whether you"re receiving with your back to things, having to play round the corner


"Actually I think the best thing is they"re pushing each other to be even better, making themselves go to another level."



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