拉尔夫·哈森胡特(Ralph Hasenhuttl)分析丹尼·英格斯(Danny Ings)在南安普敦的成功

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Danny Ings has scored 21 Premier League goals this season leaving him two behind Jamie Vardy in the race for the Golden Boot going into Southampton"s final game of the season against Sheffield United

丹尼·英格斯(Danny Ings)本赛季已攻入21个英超联赛进球,在金靴战役中仅落后杰米·瓦尔迪(Jamie Vardy)2个,进入南安普顿对阵谢菲尔德联的本赛季最后一场比赛

新天生一对高清下载The prize might prove elusive but the praise is everywhere


Exclude penalties and the Saints striker, who turned 28 on Thursday, has actually outscored every other player in the Premier League by two clear goals himself


Ralph Hasenhuttl, his head coach at St Mary"s, is in no doubt as to the scale of the accomplishment

他在圣玛丽的总教练拉尔夫·哈森胡特(Ralph Hasenhuttl)无疑对成就的规模表示怀疑

"It is definitely harder to score 20 goals for Southampton than for Liverpool or Manchester United or Chelsea or whoever," Hasenhuttl tells


"So it is definitely big praise for him that he did it for us - a club that was struggling in the relegation zone for a long time


"That shows how good he is and how well he has done this season." Premier League top scorersPremier League: The final day on During the course of an in-depth analysis of Ings" game, the Southampton boss will go on to outline the key elements of his success


He will explain why he is the team"s trigger man in more ways than one and how he is able to force his opponents into their mistakes


But before all that, there is an acknowledgement that it was not love at first sight


Ings did score twice in his first appearance under Hasenhuttl


That 3-2 win over Arsenal ensured that the Austrian quickly won over the home supporters


But it would be some time before Ings was to develop into the striker that his new coach wanted him to be


新天生一对高清下载"You could see immediately his quality around the box," says Hasenhuttl


"You could see immediately that he could score goals新天生一对高清下载


"What you could also see was that he was not fit." Injuries have been an unfortunate feature of Ings" career


A major knee injury had halted his progress at Liverpool, but more minor complaints plagued him last season too


"I saw that he had the quality but he was always struggling after 60 minutes


That was his maximum at the beginning


He had all these problems with muscle injuries and it took us quite a long time to bring him up to the level where he could go for 90 minutes


This was the biggest issue that I had with him - that he was not fit enough for my game." Get | Sign up for PL goal alertsAll channels 18 a monthWhat"s left to play for on PL final day?Hasenhuttl places a huge emphasis on pressing and that demands optimum fitness levels

这是我和他在一起的最大问题-他不够适合我的比赛。” Get |订阅PL目标警报所有频道18个月最后一天的PL比赛还剩下什么?Hasenhuttl十分重视新闻报道这需要最佳的健身水平

Ings played the full 90 minutes just once under him last season, subbing him a dozen times


It is a different story now


Ings recently started and finished five consecutive matches


The sequence was only broken when he was withdrawn deep into stoppage time in the win at Bournemouth last time out


The earliest that he has been substituted since the restart is the 88th minute


He is up to speed now


Moreover, he is fundamental to his team"s style of play


Ings himself claims that he has always pressed and there is no doubt that his past has played its part in helping him to adapt to Hasenhuttl"s vision


This approach is not alien to him


He was reminded of the value of hard work by Sean Dyche at Burnley and the possibilities presented by a high pressing game during his time working with Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool

他想起了伯恩利的肖恩·戴奇(Sean Dyche)辛勤工作的价值,以及他在利物浦与尤尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)一起工作期间表现出色的游戏所带来的可能性

"Definitely," says Hasenhuttl when asked if that made it easier






Deep balls from behind


Coming from the front


Close to the net


All these were things that I think he had heard before also


"I do not know how detailed it was and what shape they did it but he definitely knows that the game starts when the ball is gone and not just when you have the ball


"This is a behaviour others have to learn sometimes." Hasenhuttl"s commitment to his methods is total and it has become a hallmark of Southampton"s game

“这是别人有时必须学习的一种行为。” Hasenhuttl对他的方法的承诺是全部的,这已成为南安普敦比赛的标志

Only the Premier League"s top two have won the ball within 40 metres of the opposition goal more times than his side


They are relentless in their pressing


And it all starts with Ings


"It is important that he scores," explains Hasenhuttl, "but it is also important that he is our first defender in some moments, especially against the big teams


If you do not stress them and put some pressure on them, then they can do whatever they want and that kills you


But if you can have guys up front who are working a little bit, then it is different


"This is our first filter


It is a very important position


He is the pressing trigger


When he decides to go, they all have to follow


This is the reason why we need him so much." It is largely selfless work but sometimes the fruits of his labours are obvious


Ings" first two goals of this Premier League season came against Liverpool and Tottenham


Both goals were scored as a direct result of him closing down the opposition goalkeeper


Against Liverpool, he charged at Adrian and intercepted his pass


Against Tottenham, he hunted down Hugo Lloris and earned his reward by bundling the ball into the net

对阵托特纳姆热刺,他追捕了雨果·洛里斯(Hugo Lloris),并通过将球捆绑到网中获得了回报。

It is not just goalkeepers either


His equaliser against Crystal Palace in December came when he anticipated a loose pass by Martin Kelly that went between defender and goalkeeper

当他预计马丁·凯利(Martin Kelly)会在后卫和门将之间轻松通过时,他在12月对阵水晶宫的比赛就来了

It would have gone unpunished had Ings not been on the move before the ball was struck


"He was waiting for the mistake," says Hasenhuttl


But he soon corrects himself


Ings was not waiting


It was the same for Stuart Armstrong"s opener against Manchester United recently

斯图尔特·阿姆斯特朗(Stuart Armstrong)对曼联的揭幕战也是如此

The reaction of the commentator was that Paul Pogba had given the ball away in the build-up to the goal

评论员的反应是,保罗·波格巴(Paul Pogba)将球传给了目标

It would have been more accurate to state that Ings had taken it from him


"He has scored goals by winning balls such as the one against Palace when we were pressing and he has had assists from winning balls like against Manchester United


"He has forced a lot of mistakes." This energy is not unchanneled


It is a process


The result of hours spent on the training ground


A coordinated effort together with his teammates


It is about how, where, and when this Southampton side win the ball back


And it is about what they do with it afterwards


"The good thing is that we get more benefit from winning these balls now because we have learned what to do if we get it and how we can use it better to score," says Hasenhuttl


"This was the next step in our development


In the first season that I was here, we won the balls but then played too slow or did not have players in the right positions so the chance was gone because you do not have a lot of time until the opponent is organised again." Ings has played an active part in the process


"He listens, he is open-minded and he likes to learn." There is the work out on the pitch but there is also the video analysis


The key messages that are drummed into the players


It can be the difference between a 20-goal season in the Premier League and a difficult campaign - as fellow Saints striker Che Adams has found out

就像英超联赛前锋切·亚当斯(Che Adams)发现的那样,英超联赛有20个进球

"It is a lot of videos


Showing them all the time


Telling them not to save this run


Telling them this is where they have to be


These are things we are doing now all the time with Che, showing him that he must come to the position where Danny is and then he will score more


"In the Premier League, you do not have the time to turn and play through two players to score


You must run before the ball comes


Then you will have a chance to score." This video work has also played its part in helping Ings to score another of his trademark goals


Perhaps you recall it


Three times since the restart, in wins over Norwich, Watford and Bournemouth, he has cut inside from the left and shot right-footed into the far corner


His first against Watford was arguably the best of the bunch


"It was nice," he told afterwards


"I really love cutting in from the left and finding that far corner


We watch clips and the spaces were in the No 10 position, which would give me a chance to drop in a little bit deeper and pick it up and get at defenders." In Italy, they used to call it the Del Piero zone, so often did the former Juventus forward curl strikes into the corner of the net from that position

我们观看剪辑,这些空间位于第10位,这使我有机会更深入一点,然后拾起并到达后卫。”在意大利,他们过去常称其为Del Piero区,所以前尤文图斯的前弯经常从那个位置撞到球网的角落

Hasenhuttl smiles


He remembers it as the Schweini position in Germany - so-called because of the Bayern Munich legend


Perhaps the Premier League should know it as the Ings zone right now


Whatever the name, it is no accident that he continues to engineer space in that area of the pitch


It is by design and it is something that Southampton work hard to achieve


"This is what every coach does - or should do," says Hasenhuttl


"This is the only chance for your team


Show them the spaces they can use


Bring them there


The rest is about individual quality


When he is in the space, he can score." That is what Ings has done 21 times and counting in the Premier League this season


Given that form, he could be forgiven if he is feeling frustrated by the postponement of Euro 2020


The tournament could have been well timed for him to make an impact with England too


But perhaps next year will be even better


"I do not know whether he will score 20 goals again," says his club coach


"But I do not see any reason why he cannot improve


You never stop developing your players." Listening to Hasenhuttl, Ings" remarkable record is easy to understand



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