Thomas Partey:Mikel Arteta欢呼开始新签约

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博尔顿球衣Mikel Arteta hailed Thomas Partey"s first Arsenal start as "brilliant" after his part in their 2-1 win over Rapid Vienna - but said there was more to come from the summer signing

博尔顿球衣迈克·阿尔塔塔(Michaell Arteta)在托马斯·帕蒂(Thomas Partey)2-1击败拉皮德·维也纳(Rapid Vienna)的比赛中称赞托马斯·帕蒂(Thomas Partey)的第一个阿森纳起步是“辉煌”-但他说夏天签约还有更多

Partey put in a man-of-the-match performance for the Gunners in Austria, marshalling the visiting midfield in his first full 90 minutes for the club following his 40m move from Atletico Madrid on Transfer Deadline Day


"He looked really solid, really comfortable, and I think he held the midfield by himself in the second half when we were a little bit more open and took more chances, attacking spaces with some players," Arteta said after the game


"I think he was fantastic tonight and there is much more to come from him obviously


"He needs his team-mates around him, it"s not about him


With the price we paid for him and the profile of him, he"s going to have a lot of people looking at him every single game


Rapid Vienna 1-2 Arsenal - Report and ratingsMatch stats | Line-ups | Europa League tables"But it"s about the structure we have as a team, the flow, the unity and cohesion we have in the team, and he"s one piece of that and hopefully a big piece." Arteta takes responsibility for Arsenal openerGoalkeeper Bernd Leno was left red-faced after conceding a sloppy opener six minutes after the interval when Ercan Kara blocked his attempted clearance, teeing up Taxiarchis Fountas to slot into an empty net - but Arteta was keen to take responsibility for his desire to play out from the back

Rapid Vienna 1-2 Arsenal-报告和评分比赛统计|阵容|欧罗巴联赛席位表“但这是关于我们团队的结构,团队的流动,团结和凝聚力,而他只是其中的一员,而且希望是一大块。”阿尔塔塔对阿森纳揭幕战负责他渴望从后面踢球

"We knew it was going to be a difficult match, and made it harder in the beginning with some of the decisions we made and the goal we conceded," he added


"If anything, it"s my fault because I demand we do these things, but in the second half we understood much better the spaces we have to attack, we played with more purpose, generated much more even though we conceded a late chance with another misunderstanding at the back


"But in general, we scored two good goals, the second was fantastic, and are delighted to start the group stage with victory


"It"s a part of our game, we need to understand when we should do it and when we should kick the ball to the stand, which is a big part of what we are trying to do but recognise that


He has the courage to do it, we"ve been very successful at doing it with the amount of goals we have scored in important games, we have to find the right balance but I will keep encouraging them to do it in the right moments."

他有勇气做到这一点,我们在重要比赛中打入的进球数量已经非常成功,我们必须找到适当的平衡,但我会继续鼓励他们在正确的时间做到这一点。 ”


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