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Frank Lampard has praised Marcus Rashford"s "fantastic" campaign against child poverty, and says the Manchester United forward should be commended for using his voice to try to make a difference

弗兰克·兰帕德(Frank Lampard)赞扬了马库斯·拉什福德(Marcus Rashford)开展的“出色的”儿童贫困运动,并称赞曼联前锋利用自己的声音来努力做出改变

Rashford has been urging the Government to continue their free school meals programme over the upcoming school holidays, having already successfully forced them to extend the scheme over the summer


The 22-year-old"s campaign was put forward for a vote in Parliament by Labour, but it was rejected


However, an ever-growing number of councils and businesses are committing themselves to Rashford"s proposals捕鱼游戏现


Lampard has been watching Rashford"s work from afar and, ahead of Chelsea"s trip to United on Saturday - live on Premier League - he said: "It"s been great to see young players with personality, with a voice, speaking up for things that they care passionately about


I absolutely commend him for that


"There are a group of players now in the Premier League - doesn"t matter what age or what team you play for - that are speaking out in the right way


It"s been fantastic and he deserves credit for it." Lampard: Man Utd vs Chelsea still has big-game feelingLive on Sky: Man Utd vs ChelseaHave Solskjaer and Lampard progressed?Lampard "understands Ole pressure"Chelsea"s game at United on Saturday will see Lampard take on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for the fifth time since he became Chelsea boss in the summer of 2019, with both managers looking to help their sides close the gap on Liverpool and Manchester City at the top of the Premier League hierarchy

兰帕德:曼联vs切尔西仍然有重大比赛的感觉直播在天空:曼联vs切尔西有索尔斯克亚和兰帕德进步了吗?兰帕德“了解油压”切尔西周六在曼联的比赛将看到兰帕德自从他在2019年夏天成为切尔西老板以来,第五次与奥勒·冈纳尔·索尔斯克亚(Ole Gunnar Solskjaer)搭档,双方经理都希望帮助双方缩小利物浦和曼城在英超联赛高层中的差距

Solskjaer has faced speculation over his future on a number of occasions since he replaced Jose Mourinho in December 2018, and Lampard says he understands the pressure on his counterpart"s shoulders


He said: "I"ve got a good relationship with him


When we play against them we"re very cordial, shake hands and wish each other the best - and I think we genuinely both mean it


"I know Michael Carrick [United coach] very well from my playing days, so I have a really good relationship with him


捕鱼游戏现 "Every Premier League manager will have their own issues, their own story, their own problems


So I don"t draw a line between me and Ole


He has his squad, I have mine


"I understand the pressures of managing a club of the size that we manage and I respect him completely." Have Solskjaer and Lampard progressed?A lot has happened since the corresponding fixture on the opening weekend of last season

“我理解管理一个我们所管理规模的俱乐部所面临的压力,我完全尊重他。” Solskjaer和Lampard取得了进步吗?自从上个赛季开始周末以来,相应的比赛发生了很多事情

From coronavirus to cup finals, major signings to minor crises, winning runs to woeful defeats, this has been an extraordinary time in the world of football for Manchester United and Chelsea - and beyond


But 14 months on from Frank Lampard"s harsh introduction to life as a Premier League manager with a 4-0 defeat against Manchester United, not much has really changed for the Chelsea boss or his Old Trafford counterpart

但是,距离兰帕德(Frank Lampard)严厉地介绍自己作为英超联赛主教练的生活,以4比0击败曼联的经历来说,切尔西老板或他的老特拉福德同僚并没有真正改变

The same issues still need to be addressed


Lampard"s side had more possession that afternoon and more shots


捕鱼游戏现But their efforts were undermined by individual errors


United might have been outpassed in open play but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer"s side were ruthless on the counter-attack


They picked Chelsea off


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