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Tottenham"s Harry Kane assisted Heung-Min Son once again to secure three points at Burnley and top the form chart for a second week running

托特纳姆热刺队的哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)再次协助香敏善(Heung-Min Son)在伯恩利(Burnley)获得3分,并连续第二周位居榜单榜首

The pair are neck-and-neck atop the rankings but Kane edges his team-mate with a superior goal contribution - having now notched eight assists this term, of which seven have teed up Son燕赵福利彩票


Leeds striker Patrick Bamford (No 3) soared into the upper echelons with a hat-trick in the 3-0 win at Aston Villa, while Villa"s Jack Grealish (No 4) and Ollie Watkins (No 10) slipped down the chart but retained top-10 standings

利兹前锋帕特里克·班福德(Patrick Bamford)(第3名)在阿斯顿维拉(Aston Villa)的3-0胜利中以帽子戏法高高攀登梯队,而维拉(Villa)的杰克·格雷利什(Jack Grealish)(第4名)和奥利·沃特金斯(Ollie Watkins)(第10名)下滑至排行榜榜首,但仍保持领先-10积分

James Rodriguez (No 5) also tumbled down the chart after Everton suffered a 2-0 defeat against Southampton, while Wolves forward Raul Jimenez (No 6) maintained his solid start with a goal from range in a 1-1 draw at Newcastle


燕赵福利彩票How are the Power Rankings calculated?Premier League top scorersJamie Carragher: Harry Kane has special understanding | Gary Neville: Heung-Min Son is world class Ben Chilwell appears to be settling seamlessly at Chelsea, climbing to No 7 this week after the full-back created a team-topping two chances and six crosses during the goalless stalemate at Manchester United

燕赵福利彩票实力排名如何计算?顶级联赛最佳射手杰米·卡拉格(Jamie Carragher):哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)有特别的了解|加里·内维尔(Gary Neville):亨·敏·桑(Heung-Min Son)是世界一流的本·奇威尔(Ben Chilwell)似乎无缝切尔西定居切尔西,在曼彻斯特联队无目标的僵局期间​​,这名边后卫创造了团队最高的两次机会和六个十字架之后,本周攀升至第七名

Heung-Min Son and Harry Kane combine again to beat BurnleyAre Tottenham title contenders?Liverpool duo Mohamed Salah (No 8) and Sadio Mane (No 9) remain ever-present among the elite performers, with the latter teeing up Diogo Jota"s winner in the 2-1 victory over Sheffield United

乡民儿子(Heung-Min Son)和哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)再度合并,击败伯恩利成为热刺冠军争夺者吗?利物浦二重奏穆罕默德·萨拉(Mohamed Salah,第8名)和萨迪奥·曼内(Sadio Mane,第9名)仍然是精英表演者中的佼佼者,后者在Diogo Jota的冠军中脱颖而出。 2-1击败谢菲尔德联

Each club"s top playerIn terms of each club"s top performer, Jamie Vardy once again proved his importance for Leicester after coming off the bench on the hour mark and scoring the winner against Arsenal

每个俱乐部的顶级球员就每个俱乐部的顶级球员而言,杰米·瓦迪(Jamie Vardy)在小时时刻替补登场,并在对阵阿森纳的比赛中得分之后再次证明了他对莱斯特的重要性

Michail Antonio displayed his dynamism with a stunning scissor-kick goal against Manchester City, while fellow talismanic stars Bruno Fernandes and Wilfried Zaha topped their rankings at Manchester United and Crystal Palace

米歇尔·安东尼奥(Michail Antonio)表现出他的活力,以惊人的对曼城的剪刀踢式进球,而护身符球星布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandes)和威尔弗里德·扎哈(Wilfried Zaha)在曼联和水晶宫均位居榜首

Kings of the Premier League: September XI Kings of the Premier League returns on and Budweiser, official partner of the Premier League and King of Beers, have joined forces to bring you the Kings of the Premier League show


On the back of its resounding success last season, the debate will return to your screens at 8pm on the last Friday of every month on Premier League


presenter Adam Smith and two guests will build an ultimate XI from the top-performing players over the past month, pitting stats against gut as they compare data-driven form charts with Kings of the Match fan votes

主持人亚当·史密斯(Adam Smith)和两位嘉宾将在过去一个月中从表现最好的球员那里打造出最终的XI,在他们将数据驱动的表格图表与“比赛之王”粉丝的票数进行比较时,将统计数据与直觉相提并论

"This show really is the perfect way to pick the team of the month," according to Smithy


"It"s never easy picking a dream XI, so let the debate commence." The show"s best bits will play out across " YouTube and the partnership will also deliver the weekly Power Ranking articles every Tuesday on the website and apps


" very own Jamie Carragher joined presenter, influencer and Arsenal fan Nicole Holliday for the first show as they locked horns, and occasionally agreed, to assemble the ultimate team for September

杰米·卡拉格(Jamie Carragher)亲自加入主持人,影响者和阿森纳球迷尼科尔·霍利迪(Nicole Holliday)的首场演出,因为他们锁住了号角,并偶尔同意组建9月的终极团队

The show kicked off on Friday, October 2 and will run throughout the first four months of the Premier League season


Do the Premier League"s statistical leaders make the cut in this month"s XI, or do the fans" favourites earn starting berths? Tune into Premier League every month to find out..



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