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色请小游戏Steven Gerrard hailed his rampant Rangers as they finally delivered the huge beating they have been threatening to dish out all season

色请小游戏史蒂芬·杰拉德(Steven Gerrard)称赞他猖ramp的游骑兵,因为他们终于做出了巨大的殴打,他们一直威胁要在整个赛季中付出

Rangers hit eight in the top flight for the first time since 1981 to hammer hapless Hamilton at Ibrox as Kemar Roofe, Joe Aribo and James Tavernier all scored twice after Scott Arfield set the tone, with Brandon Barker also on target

自1981年以来,流浪者在最高飞行中首次击中八分,在Ibrox击败不幸的汉密尔顿,因为斯科特·阿菲尔德(Kemar Roofe),乔·阿里博(Joe Aribo)和詹姆斯·塔弗尼尔(James Tavernier)在斯科特·阿菲尔德(Scott Arfield)定下基调后均得分两次,布兰顿·巴克(Brandon Barker)

Gerrard"s side have an ominous nine-point lead at the top of the Scottish Premiership - though Celtic have two games in hand - and the Rangers boss admitted it was the sort of onslaught he felt had been coming色请小游戏


"It was a very impressive performance, a strong win and another clean sheet," said Gerrard


"The thing that pleased me the most was the standards that we maintained from start to finish


"I have been on to these players, probably on to them too much, about keeping standards no matter what stage the game is at


It pleased me at half-time that we carried on looking to score goals and win even more emphatically


"It has been coming, we have threatened to do that


"But the pleasing thing today was that we were very clinical


We suffocated Hamilton from start to finish, we stayed on them and never took our foot off the gas and you could see the quality throughout the squad


"Look, we are not at the stage yet where we can play with ego in any game or at any stage


We are trying to become a winning team, a successful team


We are in no position to disrespect any opponent or any team


It is about Rangerstrying to be as strong for as long as we can and be as consistent as we can." Ruthless Rangers hit eight past AcciesHow the teams lined up | Match statsScottish Premiership table | ResultsGet - All channels 23 a monthZungu, Defoe draw Gerrard praise Gerrard handed a debut to Bongani Zungu at half-time and was impressed by his first look at the South Africa international in a blue jersey

冷酷的流浪者打了过去的八次Acces球队如何排列|比赛统计数据苏格兰超级联赛表格|结果获取-所有通道23每月Zungu,Defoe吸引Gerrard赞扬Gerrard在半场比赛中将首场比赛交给了Bongani Zungu,他对穿着蓝色球衣的南非国际比赛的初次印象深刻

The Gers boss said: "He came into the game at a good time


He"s only going to get stronger, fitter and better


"But you can see his range of passing, you can see his profile, you can see his aggressiveness


色请小游戏He can play, he"ll have no problems at all


He"ll give us another real strong option in the middle of midfield


"It was great to get Jermain Defoe a full game today, as it was with Kemar

“很高兴今天能像杰玛·迪马尔(Jermain Defoe)那样整场比赛

色请小游戏We"re getting Jermain, Kemar and Aribo really close to full fitness now which is a real help for me


"Aribo is a top player

“ Aribo是顶级球员

He"s been out for 11/12 weeks so it always takes half of that to get your sharpness back but I think he"s really getting close to that now


"You could see flashes against Benfica that his quality was back


And today you saw that when he"s in full flow he"s hard to stop


"Hopefully he comes back fit from international duty and he will be 100 per cent ready to fire." Deflated Accies boss: I"m to blameThe result was another painful day for the rock-bottom Accies but boss Brian Rice challenged his players to take inspiration from Southampton, who suffered a 9-0 defeat to Leicester last season but this weekend moved top of the Premier League for a spell

“希望他能从国际职责中恢复健康,他将100%准备开除他。”放气的Accies老板:我要怪结果这是糟糕透顶的Accies的又一天痛苦,但老板Brian Brian挑战他的球员从Southampton那里汲取灵感,Southampton上赛季以9-0击败莱斯特,但本周末排名榜首英超联赛

Rice said: "Listen, we are down there bottom of the league for a reason


There"s only one way we can go and that"s up


But you"ve got to want to go up and fight


"I"ll take the blame for everything


I"ll hold my hands up


I"ll take it


I"ve got to get better and I"ve got to make sure they want to get better


"But it didn"t seem to affect Southampton


That"s what I"d say to the players


They lost 9-0 to Leicester last season and this weekend were top of the English Premier League


"So things can change quickly in football."



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