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Gary Neville insists Jose Mourinho has the attacking players at his disposal at Tottenham to deliver the north London club the Premier League title, but the former Manchester United defender is still not convinced they can do it

加里·内维尔(Gary Neville)坚持认为穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)在托特纳姆热刺可以利用他的进攻球员,为北伦敦俱乐部赢得英超联赛冠军,但这位前曼联后卫仍然不相信自己能做到

Spurs moved to the top of the Premier League for a short while on Sunday after Hary Kane"s 88th-minute header snatched a 1-0 victory at West Brom

在哈里·凯恩(Hary Kane)的第88分钟头球在西布罗姆(West Brom)取得1-0胜利后,马刺在星期日升入英超联赛片刻

It was the first time they had hit the summit since August 2014, before Leicester leapfrogged them into top spot later in the day


Spurs remain second heading into the international break and there is building optimism at the club, that they can mount a serious title challenge and win a first Premier League title and a first league championship since 1961


West Brom 0-1 Tottenham - Match report and highlightsHow the teams lined-up | Match statsPremier League table | Fixtures | ResultsDespite Neville"s doubts about their title credentials, he thinks it would be one of the great football stories if a resurgent Mourinho could lead Spurs to the title


Download The Gary Neville Podcast on Apple | Spotify"I said a couple weeks ago on Monday Night Football that Spurs couldn"t win the league, and I still don"t think they can," he told The Gary Neville Podcast

在Apple上下载The Gary Neville播客| Spotify:“几周前,我在周一的《夜间足球》上说,马刺无法赢得联赛冠军,但我仍然认为他们不会赢。”他对加里·内维尔播客说。

"But I do agree with Jamie Carragher that it would be the most outstanding story to see Jose Mourinho win the Premier League with Tottenham


MNF: Are Tottenham title contenders?"It would be something that would alarm Chelsea fans, Manchester United fans and Arsenal fans


It would be one of the great stories, because Tottenham don"t win leagues! "He"s got the forward players to do it

这将是一个很棒的故事,因为托特纳姆热刺没有赢得联赛! “他有前锋球员做到这一点

You think of the strike force and the goal - it"s incredible." "England lucky to have Kane" Meanwhile, Neville thinks only injury can stop Kane breaking every record in the game after the England striker scored his 150th Premier League goal in Spurs" victory over West Brom


It followed his 200th goal for Spurs in the Europa League in midweek, and Neville insists England are lucky to have him in their ranks


"The only thing that can stop Harry Kane doing everything in the game, breaking every record, is injury," Neville said


"Alan Shearer is definitely the best striker in PL history in terms of his goal record

“就进球记录而言,艾伦·希勒(Alan Shearer)绝对是PL历史上最好的前锋

He"s the best striker I"ve played with for England, in terms of a number nine, and Rooney I"d put up there with him


And Harry Kane has so much similarity in his game, in terms of the mentality, just ice cold, doesn"t seem to flinch if he misses a chance, flinch if a goalkeeper saves one, he"ll come back and do the right thing

哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)在比赛中有很多相似之处,就心态而言,只是冰冷,如果错过任何机会,他似乎不会畏缩,如果守门员救出一个机会,他不会畏缩,他会回来做正确的事情

街头篮球最新符号Scoring a goal is a process for them, where he knows where the target is


街头篮球最新符号"It"s methodical, and he"s brilliant


He"s a great professional, and England are lucky to have him." "Rodgers an outstanding coach" Just pipping Spurs at the top of the Premier League heading into the international break is Leicester following their 1-0 win against Wolves on Sunday


Neville was full of praise for the job Brendan Rodgers is doing at the King Power Stadium, calling him "one of the outstanding managers in the league"

内维尔对布伦丹·罗杰斯(Brendan Rodgers)在King Power Stadium所做的工作赞不绝口,称他为“联盟杰出经理人之一”。

"They are an awkward, awkward proposition," Neville said on his podcast


"They do a lot of things very well, they"re efficient, well coached


街头篮球最新符号They started last season well but fell away at the end


"It"s an outstanding performance from Brendan Rodgers


Wolves are a very difficult customer to get past, and what Leicester are doing is outstanding


"It proves it"s no one-season wonder," he added


There"s continuity now, and Brendan Rodgers is one of the outstanding managers in the league

现在有了连续性,布伦丹·罗杰斯(Brendan Rodgers)是联盟中杰出的经理之一

"We talk about British coaches not being at the level of Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho or Mauricio Pochettino, but actually Rodgers, who has finished second with Liverpool and done what he"s done with Leicester, is up there really


He"s a fantastic coach." Leicester 1-0 Wolves - Match report and highlightsMatch stats | How the teams lined up"Man Utd so inconsistent" The final word from Neville"s podcast this week goes to his former club Manchester United


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer"s side picked up a much-needed win at Everton on Saturday lunchtime, and while Neville thinks they deserved their win at Goodison Park, he believes inconsistency will continue to hurt them as they look to push up the table

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer的球队在周六午餐时间在埃弗顿赢得了急需的胜利,而内维尔认为他们应得的在古迪逊公园的胜利,他认为不一致会继续困扰他们,因为他们希望推高桌子

Everton 1-2 Man Utd - Match report and highlightsHow the teams lined up | Match statsAnalysis: Fine margins keep Wolves away from Ole"s doorHe said: "I was glued to the TV from 11.30am yesterday morning, thinking about the game, thinking about the previous week, and you just think: "We need a performance here, Ole needs a performance, the club need a performance, players need a performance." "They go behind, and I think United deservedly came out on top in the end

埃弗顿1-2曼联-比赛报告和重点报道比赛统计数据分析:微妙的利润让狼队远离了奥勒的门。他说:“昨天上午11:30,我被困在电视上,想着比赛,想着前一周,你只是想:"奥勒,我们需要这里的表现需要表演,俱乐部需要表演,球员需要表演。 “他们落后了,我认为曼联当之无愧地排在最后

"They"re just so inconsistent


If you think about the last week, the performance against Leipzig, PSG, against Arsenal, in Turkey, they"ve got to get rid of that, it"s up and down


"It"s a thing that will always put them under pressure as players and a manager


You need consistency, ultimately that"s what a champion needs to be, and at the moment they"re inconsistent."



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