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Clubs in League One and League Two look set to be able to access the £50m coronavirus rescue package from the Premier League soon after EFL clubs held positive talks on Thursday


The package, which is made up of 50m financial support package to cover gate losses for 2019-20 and 2020-21 as soon as is practically possible


"Championship clubs also acknowledged that discussions in respect of the levels of support they will receive will remain ongoing


"The EFL believes that today represents a significant step forward and is hopeful that a final agreement on the short-term rescue package across all three divisions can be reached imminently which will provide much needed support, clarity and certainty for all EFL clubs at a time when they need it most

“ EFL相信今天是向前迈出的重要一步,并希望能尽快就三个部门的短期救援方案达成最终协议,这将一次为所有EFL俱乐部提供急需的支持,明确性和确定性当他们最需要的时候

"In addition to finalising the short-term financial issues, clubs were today informed that the EFL will contribute fully in the Premier League"s strategic review to consider the future structure and financing of English football, and will hopefully have a direct and positive impact on a more sustainable EFL in the future." The Premier League"s strategic review has been stepped up following the emergence of Project Big Picture proposals last month

“除了最终确定短期财务问题外,俱乐部今天还获悉,英超联赛将在英超联赛的战略审查中全力以赴,以考虑英格兰足球的未来结构和融资,并希望对足球联赛产生直接而积极的影响未来更具可持续性的EFL。”上个月出现Project Big Picture提案后,英超联赛的战略审查得到了加强

PL chief Masters "confident" bailout agreement can be reachedPremier League chief executive Richard Masters says he is "confident we can reach an agreement" with the EFL over emergency funding after an MP labelled the situation a "farce"


Julian Knight MP described the failure to reach an agreement as a "farce" at a Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee meeting on Tuesday, and warned Masters that 10 Football League clubs were unlikely to make payroll this month without a financial bailout

朱利安·奈特议员朱莉安·奈特(Julian Knight)在周二的数字,文化,媒体和体育委员会会议上将未能乐悠悠平台称为“闹剧”,并警告大师赛,如果没有财政援助,本月10个足球联赛俱乐部不太可能获得薪水

Masters confirmed the Premier League would now be willing to discuss financial assistance for teams in the Championship but insisted the original offer was "appropriate"


"The Premier League has engaged and wants to seek resolution but there can"t be a blank cheque or an underwriting of losses," said Masters on Tuesday


"We believe our proposal is appropriate and goes to the heart of the problem and is in line with Government policy on how it deals with other sectors


"We believe we are stepping up and helping the pyramid of football, we have yet to reach an agreement with Rick Parry but I am confident we can do that."



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