Wigan运动退出后,John Sheridan成为史云顿镇经理

时间:2020-11-14 17:54:57

John Sheridan has become the new manager of Swindon Town after his short-term deal as boss of fellow Sky Bet League One side Wigan Athletic expired

约翰·谢里丹(John Sheridan)在与天空投注联盟(Sky Bet League)的老板达成短期交易后,成为史云顿镇的新经理。

Experienced head coach Sheridan only joined the Latics, who are currently facing a magnitude of financial problems, on a short-term deal in September but moves across the division to replace Richie Wellens at the County Ground until the end of the season

经验丰富的主教练谢里登(Sheridan)仅在9月份以短期协议加入了目前正面临巨大财务问题的拉蒂奇队,但在整个赛季结束前,他都在该部门任职以替换郡郡的里奇·韦伦斯(Richie Wellens)。

The Robins had been without a manager since Wellens left his role to take the managerial job at Sky Bet League Two side Salford City, who are owned by the "Class of 92" - Gary Neville, Phil Neville, Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham and Paul Scholes

自从韦伦斯离开自己的职位去担任“空中赌注联盟”两边索尔福德市的管理职务以来,罗宾斯一直没有经理职位,而索尔福德市属于“ 92级”所有-加里·内维尔,菲尔·内维尔,尼克·巴特,瑞安·吉格斯,大卫贝克汉姆和保罗·斯科尔斯

国外游戏平台Wigan appoint Sheridan as bossSaudi interest in Wigan takeover coolsWellens leaves Swindon for Salford CityWigan"s Dean Watson, on behalf of the Joint Administrators, said "we would like to place on record our thanks to John for his efforts during the last two months and wish him well in his future career" as Swindon welcomed him on Twitter


Leam Richardson and Gregor Rioch are likely to lead Wigan for the next couple of matches, who are bottom of League One - two points and four places behind 20th-placed Swindon - although the Robins have played two games less

Leam Richardson和Gregor Rioch可能会在接下来的两场比赛中领先Wigan,他们排在联赛第一的位置-落后Swindon 20分2分4位-尽管Robins少打了两场比赛

Sheridan has previously managed Oldham Athletic, Plymouth Argyle, Chesterfield, Newport County, Notts County, Carlisle United, Fleetwood and Irish side Waterford - the latter in July this year, making Swindon his third club of 2020

Sheridan之前曾管理过Oldham Athletic,Plymouth Argyle,Chesterfield,Newport County,Notts County,Carlisle United,Fleetwood和Irelandside Waterford-后者于今年7月成立,使Swindon成为2020年的第三家具乐部

Waterford and Swindon are both owned by Lee Power, and Sheridan will also once again link up with first-team coach Tommy Wright at the County Ground, who he worked with at Oldham, Chesterfield and Carlisle

沃特福德和史云顿均由李·鲍尔(Lee Power)拥有,谢里登(Sheridan)还将再次与郡郡队的一线队教练汤米·赖特(Tommy Wright)联系在一起,他曾在奥尔德姆,切斯特菲尔德和卡莱尔工作

"We are very pleased that John has come in to take over at the club


He is someone that I have worked with before and that I know well," Swindon chairman Power told the club"s website


国外游戏平台 "I think the club needs John"s experience at the moment and I think he will be a great help to the team and myself." Meanwhile, Sheridan said: "I"m very pleased to be here


I get the opportunity to manage a good club who were successful last season and a club who are trying to get promotion in a really tough league


"I know Paul Jewell and the chairman and I"m very pleased they"ve given me the chance to come and work at a good club

“我知道保罗·杰威尔(Paul Jewell)和董事长,我很高兴他们给了我机会来一个好的俱乐部工作

"There"s a few players here that have worked under me before, some really good players at this club and it"s a team I feel we can push in the right direction


"We all know the aim here, which is to try and get us up the table


We have a couple of games in hand so hopefully we can get a few quick results and build a bit of confidence


"I know it"s very early, but I"m hoping a new face will bring a bit of a spark


We"ve got three big games coming up and hopefully we can win a couple of them."



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